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DIESEL releases highly anticipated album ‘GORILLA WARFARE’: Listen

Spotify and huge collaborations brought dubstep to Times SquareDJ Diesel releases “GORILLA WARFARE”, his new anticipated album.

Shaquille O’Neal, the former basketball player who later went into a music career, or as known as DIESEL releases ‘GORILLA WARFARE’ which is his latest album on Monstercat, featuring a stacked list of collaborators.

its here…. DIESEL’s debut album… 10 all new songs with some of my favorite artists on @monstercat. dubstep for me is an escape. it’s a genre of music that allows me to feel free. this one is for the people… its for the community we all love so much.”, added DIESEL to his post about the upcoming album few weeks ago.

The album ‘GORILLA WARFARE’, distributed by Monstercat Uncaged, brings together names such as Kompany, Celo, Hairitage, and Jessica Audiffred, the “Queen of Bass”. The first track on the album is called ‘WARFARE,’ which obviously carries a piece of the album – a very energetic and powerful dubstep collaboration where CELO assisted Shaq. This is immediately followed by ‘BANG YOUR HEAD,’ for which Hairitage has been brought in to help. Another big collaboration was the Jessica Audiffred and Diesel collaboration ‘NO FEAR’, released 2 weeks ago on Monstercat. But there are also a number of interesting tracks that fit in well with the overall picture of the album. For example ‘MIDDLE FU’, with Kompany‘s collab, or ‘WARZONE’ with Rated R. Interestingly, the album’s announcement on Friday was part of conjunction with Spotify, which took place on the familiar Times Square’s giant vertical screen, as part of the “New Music Friday” category.

Listen to the album in full below.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland Official Media

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