Eli Brown

Eli Brown reveals his latest gem, ‘Diamonds On My Mind’: Listen

Known for his electric energy and techno tunes, Eli Brown has just released his latest track, “Diamonds On My Mind”. Born and raised in the UK, he has brought unmatched energy to shows and festivals since 2016. His genre would be classified as a mixture of house and techno(tech-house), but lately, his sound has leaned more towards techno. With that being said, anyone could tell that this is one of his songs by listening to it. He stays true to his signature style but also presents a fresh perspective on the intersection of techno and house.

This song begins with a pulsating beat that draws listeners in. As it progresses, there are siren-like sounds and minor lyrics that lead to an amazing drop. At the core of “Diamonds On My Mind”, Eli Brown’s production skills are on full display. The song’s particular layering of sounds and hard beats creates a soundscape that draws listeners in from the beginning. This song and most of his music in general would be heard in underground warehouse raves. He never disappoints with his releases and his attention to detail is in every aspect of the track, and this shows his dedication to delivering a perfect musical experience.

As “Diamonds On My Mind” continues to make waves with its release, it’s clear that Eli Brown will continue to make amazing music. His latest gem showcases his infectious energy with pulsating beats, progressive sounds, and minimal lyrics. This song is something that you would hear live at a major festival or headline show and especially would be heard in warehouse raves. It’s yet another hot track by Eli Brown and it leaves listeners wanting to dance with everything they’ve got. He will continue to amaze festival-goers with his talent in the techno scene.

Image Credit: Eli Brown / Courtesy of Big Beat Records


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