Hardwell & Space 92

Hardwell & Space 92 unite to unleash heavy techno single ‘The Abyss’: Listen

Hardwell and Space 92 have joined forces to take their fans down a dark techno void in their latest release ‘The Abyss,’ out now via HILOMATIK.

In a monumental collision of musical prowess, Dutch powerhouse Hardwell and techno’s best-selling artist of the past three years Space 92 have come together to create the techno heavy-hitter ‘The Abyss,’ out now on Oliver Heldens‘ imprint HILOMATIK. The seven-minute record combines the distinct styles of both artists, resulting in a track that brilliantly bridges the gap between techno, trance and progressive house. 

The track’s title, ‘The Abyss,’ already hints at the deep and immersive sonic experience that awaits listeners. A pulsating kick leads into the darkness, followed by ethereal synth melodies, rich percussion elements and dynamic basslines. An eerie vocal sample in the break continues to mesmerize listeners by encouraging them to go deeper into the dark techno universe. The record begins to build up again before leading back into an explosive acid-like drop that is certain to send crowds into a frenzy.

“It’s no secret I’m a fan of dirty acid sounds, pulsating basslines, and big rave anthem energy. I’ve been a fan of Space 92’s music for a while now, and the prospect of combining the elements of trancey techno and distorted percussion he’s expertly nailed in his sound made this collaboration an exciting project” – Hardwell

Hardwell, a household name in dance music, has consistently pushed genre boundaries, and his collaboration with Space 92 signifies his ongoing commitment to innovation. Space 92, known for his intricate and atmospheric techno productions, brings a distinct flavor to the track, resulting in a fusion of energies that is both unexpected and exhilarating. With its hypnotic beats, rich textures and exhilarating drops, ‘The Abyss’ is primed to become a festival anthem and a mainstay in DJ sets for months to come. 

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