Jake Silva

Jake Silva unveils latest dance floor anthem with the release of ‘Lonely’: Listen

The rise of New York City producer and DJ Jake Silva in recent years has been defined by his incredible releases, energetic live performances, and his infectious persona. Now he returns with his latest anthem with some help from familiar collaborators.

Having garnered support from some of the biggest names in the electronic music space, Jake Silva’s latest single is delivered via Nicky Romero’s Protocol Records, a fitting him home for the driving production. Teaming up with Frankie Sims and Johan Oslah, the two-and-a-half-minute single is a pulsing force, both infectious and rhythmic as it will certainly have listeners singing along while they dance on dance floors and in clubs around the world. Lonely follows up his already strong output in 2023 and has seen previous collaborations with Frankie Sims such as Feels Right and Bad that have helped further push Silva’s trajectory in the dance music landscape.

Opening with a steady layer of synths, the female vocals come in right away, demanding listeners pay attention as they get caught up in the atmosphere and production of the single. The chorus refrain of “Why can’t you leave me alone?” rings out from the track, instantly imprinting upon listeners, as the subtle yet forceful delivery demands attention as it comes through the speakers. The pulsing rhythms of the drop takeover here, as Silva, Sims, and Oslah showcase their ability to craft a track that is fitting for both playlists and dancefloors.

As Jake Silva continues his rise in the music landscape, Lonely is another massive release from the New York producer.

Image Credit: Jake Silva (Press) / Provided by Ascend Agency

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