JVNA releases new single ‘Play With You’: Listen

American-Taiwanese artist JVNA has just announced her second studio album in tandem with a new powerful single entitled ‘Play With You’.

Multi-talented artist JVNA returns with her new track ‘Play With You’, a female empowerment-themed gem that also serves as the leading single from her forthcoming studio album. Listeners familiar with her previous body of work, ‘Hope In Chaos’ will immediately recognize a transformation in JVNA’s sonic style. While the former was deeply emotional and vulnerable,Play With You sends a message that JVNA is here to take over control.

Featuring her own sultry vocals, impressively ranging from spoken word rap to breathy singing along with melodic basslines and heavy-hitting serrating synths during the drop, the track positions JVNA nearer to a villain than the melancholic damsel of her past. After pairing the track with its accompanying music video, we’d venture to say the rest of the album will also have strong influences from alt-pop, J-pop, K-pop, anime, gaming, and trance to continue the villainess storyline.

“Visually, I pictured this song being about a cunning anime demon girl in a video game seducing her enemies and killing them at the end. But this song’s message is really about being in charge of your own fate and winning the game of life itself throughout its challenges”, says JVNA regarding her newest single.

Listen to ‘Play With You’ here.


Image Credit: JVNA (Press) / Provided by Unfolded PR