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Marshmello has revealed an upcoming Riddim album

Before the release of the highly anticipated “Joytime IV”: Marshmello has revealed an upcoming Riddim album

Following the social media of the well-known American DJ and producer, it’s no question that fans have been waiting for the sequel to “Joytime” (the name of his landmark album), but the moment has not yet arrived. Last week on his X (former Twitter) account, Marshmello has revealed his new album, which will follow the riddim route.

Imma drop a riddim album before I drop joytime“, posted Marshmello on X.

Beyond having had the pleasure of working with many of the world’s biggest stars, such as Selena Gomez, Anne-Marie or the Jonas Brothers; Marshmello‘s career has been defined by the subsequent release of his famous album series “Joytime”. The first such album was released in 2016, followed by the next in 2018, and “Joytime III” was released in 2019. However, this was when the big Joytime name was ditched, as 2021 saw the release of “Shockwave” rather than “Joytime IV”. In recent weeks, however, he posted an interesting announcement on his X (formerly Twitter) account that a new album is due for release. In recent weeks, however, he posted an interesting announcement on his X (formerly Twitter) account that a new album is due for release. While it is still not a continuation of the previous trilogy, it will be an interesting release for the fanbase, as it will be paddling into new territory within the riddim genre. Riddim is a subgenre of dubstep known for its minimalistic and repetitive bass patterns, often connecting with genres like dancehall and reggae. Interestingly, a fan responded to Marshmello’s big announcement with a screenshot from September 2022, where the artist announced that “in other news Joytime IV is done”, which was reflected in his announcement from last week.

Although there is no official information on when the above-mentioned albums will be released, the album just announced is likely to be released in the second quarter of the year. This is still conjecture, but there’s certainly a lot of work to be done on it, and so he has a lot to do in the last half of the summer, as his touring schedule is practically jam-packed. As evident from his touring schedule, he will be reducing his tours for the rest of the year; however, this hasn’t hindered his continuous music releases in collaboration with various artists, a trend that has remained constant throughout 2023. His most recent track “Tempo”, created alongside fellow musician Young Miko, stands as a testament to his enduring presence as an iconic music producer.

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