Paco Osuna

Paco Osuna’s NOW HERE residency enters its ninth week in Ibiza

While the 2023 Ibiza season offers visitors a seemingly endless supply of entertainment and world class artists taking the stages of the various clubs, one residency remains a stalwart of bridging the past with the future and showcasing rising talent. Hï Ibiza is providing the one of the more varied line-ups with its programming, especially the Tuesday NOW HERE residency headed up by Paco Osuna.

August 1st saw the NOW HERE event putting on its ninth show of the summer, headlined by Paco Osuna and featuring sets from Rafa Barrios and Iglesias, the latter of which discussed the magic of the shows when he said:

‘It is really hard to put into a single word or to be able to categorise Now Here. But, what I can say, is that NOW HERE is all about energy. You really have to experience one of the nights to understand it. The flow is also spot on and carefully programmed. Each artist on the line-up brings their unique style and approach which creates a diverse yet cohesive musical experience.’

As he continues to help curate these incredible events, Paco Osuna discusses the connection he feels with them and the joy he has in providing the space for them to showcase their talents:

‘Each and every one of the artists in the line up are very important to NOW HERE and to me. No artist comes to play only because of their name, they all come for their work and style, and I know their music very well; otherwise they wouldn’t be on the line-up.. so I’m very happy and excited for all the new DJs – and also the ones that already played last year – because I know they’re going to make everyone in the Club Room enjoy themselves.’

The joy of taking part in the NOW HERE shows is infectious through all the artists who Osuna invites. Melanie Ribbe described the atmosphere that permeates throughout the audience:

“We do care about the music” that’s our motto. We don’t care about anything else but the quality of the music, no matter if it’s a big name or a newcomer. We focus on keeping the music industry on the real dance floor. We don’t care about VIP tables, social media or egos, just the music. We just want the people to be happy and dancing; less phones in the air, more dancing ;)” 

Blackchild, another regular in Osuna’s orbit speaks about the incredible line-up choices and joy he derives from sharing the stage with his fellow producers:

‘The line-up is incredible, full of good artists that I already know and have played with. Paco is amazing as he believes a lot in newcomers and gives them a space.’

Manu Gonzalez sums it simply as a vibe! Celebrating the energy that flows through the room every night:

‘NOW HERE is a vibe, it is the past, the present and the future mixed all together, it’s an opportunity, it’s life. NOW HERE is living in the moment. You need to experience it, the night is a journey and the energy is exploding!’

WIth the Ibiza season already surpassing the midway point, fans will only have a few more chances to catch Paco Osuna and his NOW HERE residency! This Tuesday CHELINA MANUHUTU & CLASSMATIC will join this special night.

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