Paul Kalkbrenner Tomorrowland 2022

Paul Kalkbrenner brings his electro irreverence to Tomorrowland 2023 Mainstage: Watch

German hurricane Paul Kalkbrenner enchanted the Mainstage of Tomorrowland and headlined the last day of W2.

Paul Kalkbrenner is not only one of the pioneers. He is also responsible for bringing Berlin techno to the world. He did it in the film and on the album ‘Berlin Calling‘ and continues to do it every time he takes the stage. Kalkbrenner is no stranger to the Tomorrowland stages, quite the opposite. The eccentric German artist is a regular at various editions and has scored twice at the 2023 edition of Tomorrowland: at W1 in The Library and as a headliner on the fabulous Mainstage on the last day of W2.

Paul Kalkbrenner’s presence on the main stage was foreshadowed by the dozens of T-shirts with his name on the backs of the fans. The stage, which can hold so many people that they are lost from sight, is the perfect setting for the melodic and infectious aura that is always on the menu in Paul Kalkbrenner’s sets. Fiddling with his hands fumbling with the knobs, a cigarette hanging from his lips and with a cheeky charisma. This is how he dressed for the journey he offered.

There is one track that is not to be missed and of course, it echoed through the Mainstage like magic. ‘Sky and Sand‘, produced by Paul and his brother Fritz Kalkbrenner in 2008, is still one of the German artist’s favourite tracks and once again caused goosebumps and enthusiasm among the people of tomorrow. Still on the list of all-time favourites, Kalkbrenner unleashed ‘Cloud Rider‘ and ‘Feed Your Head‘. In contrast to the rain, which did not deter the ravers, Paul heated up the atmosphere with a fat Latin vibe. His remix of ‘La Mezcla‘ by Michel Cleis feat. Totó La Momposina and his 2021 production ‘Si Soy Fuego‘ were featured. Kalkbrenner’s irreverence was felt right at the start of the set with his remix of ‘Te Quiero‘ by Belgian Stromae, which showcased urban musicianship at its finest.

It was another unmissable set from the German, which you can relive below:


Image Credit: Tomorrowland