Paul Kalkbrenner shares new single ‘Si Soy Fuego’: Listen

More than 20 years of a pristine career on the electronic music circuit may have only been the beginning for Paul Kalkbrenner. The legendary German artist started offering new music in the very first weeks of the year and has so far shown no signs of letting up. Paul Kalkbrenner’s magnificent portfolio is stocked with good music, but not many remixes, something the techno superstar also changed in 2021. So far this year alone, Paul has already shared his soft techno-infused remix of French NTO‘s ‘Invisible‘ and a very special rendition of ‘Techno Monkey‘, one of his talented wife Simina Grigoriu‘s greatest hits. While these have been two prime examples of how Paul Kalkbrenner can work his magic by adding his signature to other producers’ music, the time has come for him to take back the reins and dazzle his fans with his signature original work.

Like most artists, Paul was on standby for about 18 months, without any gigs. Last week that hiatus was finally broken when he took the stage at EXIT Festival in Serbia. The big festival marked the rebirth of the events in Europe and Paul’s return to live shows. In a set rich in the classic Paul Kalkbrenner vibe, it was possible to dance to the sound of eight tracks never tested live. His setlist included great tracks including his remixes of ‘Invisible‘ and ‘Techno Monkey‘, his first single of the year ‘Graf Zahl‘, classics like ‘Sky and Sand‘ and ‘Si Soy Fuego‘, the boiling hot new tune released on 16th July via Columbia/B1 Recordings. Accompanying this exciting single was also released the music video, shot during their explosive performance at EXIT Festival last July 9.

‘Si Soy Fuego’ is a percussive cut that revolves around a Spanish spoken vocal that Paul discovered while rummaging through a pile of demos. But if discovering this voice was the result of chance, what he did with it certainly wasn’t. The drums employ an organic, tribal character while the robotic, distorted vocal recalls Paul Kalkbrenner’s techno blood. The rhythm is marked but soaring as it wraps up into a dynamic bassline. The single is very melodic, containing sparkling synths and a flowing soundscape. The vocal sounds a bit haunted, emphasising the dark and mysterious side of the artist. Somehow, this track serves as a warning to the ‘fuego‘ that Paul has been brewing for 18 months and is now ready to ignite the summer season and beyond.

Alongside the single and music video, Paul drops another piece of hot news: the Episode One live tour. These concerts will offer an experience in which both the musician and actor sides of Paul are united to give the audience something new. If you remember, in 2008 Paul Kalkbrenner starred as Ickarus, the lead character of Hannes Stoehr‘s ‘Berlin Calling‘ and authored its extraordinary soundtrack. In the Episode One shows, unreleased footage from the film’s ‘2021 Club Edit‘, produced especially for the occasion, will be displayed. The Episode One tour will develop a theatrical live concert concept and is scheduled for October, on the 2nd in Paris, on the 9th in Berlin, on the 16th in Amsterdam, on the 23rd in Luxemburg and ends on the 30th in London. Learn all about how to follow this tour here.

Soak up this renewed energy from Paul Kalkbrenner and get a three in one by listening to the new song, the new video and reminiscing about his EXIT Festival performance below:

Image Credit: Paul Kalkbrenner (press)