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Pendulum release Matt Tuck rework of latest single ‘Halo’: Listen

The return of Pendulum after nearly a decade on hiatus has been exciting for the group’s global fanbase as fans are getting the opportunity to see the iconic drum and bass stars on stage for the first time. While their reunion at the 2016 Ultra Music Festival was a highlight for the dance music community, many are still awaiting more new music from the group, they have now shared a reworked version of their most recent smash hit, Halo.

Walking the line between drum and bass and hard rock, Pendulum teamed up with Bullet For My Valentine vocalist Matt Tuck for their latest release, Halo, and saw the track quickly surpass the 5 million stream mark while receiving crossover radio success on Full Metal Jackie and Sirius XM’s prestigious Octane #TestDrive. Showcasing the vocal talents of Tuck alongside the unmistakable voice of Rob Swire, the track was crafted to perfectly blur the lines between drum and bass and hard rock, allowing the inspirations and motivations of all the artists involved to shine through. As the original leaned more into the aesthetic and sounds that Pendulum has become known for over their illustrious career, the new rework allows Matt Tuck to take the reigns and give the track new energy without losing its initial spark.

The intro maintains the same chaotic synth, but this time the layering of a whispered vocal on top adds to the energy and mystique of the single. Leaning into his own style and rock credentials, Tuck delivers a heavier, more guitar-driven version, displaying a sort of yin and yang duality to his version. The release will certainly help further blur the lines between the genres and hopefully bring more fans over from either side of the musical spectrum.

As Pendulum continues to hit the road in 2023, be sure to check out Halo now as fans await more new music from the group.

Image Credit: Andrew Cotterill / Provided by Jack Beadle PR

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