Reinier Zonneveld

Reinier Zonneveld transforms Amsterdam’s Our House Museum with exclusive exhibition and live opening performance

Exciting news emerges as Our House Museum proudly unveils an unprecedented takeover by none other than Reinier Zonneveld, the internationally acclaimed DJ, producer, and current Guinness World Record holder for the longest electronic music live set. The museum is set to undergo a remarkable transformation, morphing into an immersive realm that celebrates Reinier Zonneveld’s extraordinary odyssey through the electronic music domain. The grand crescendo will be an exclusive opening night concert on September 13. Mark your calendars, as this exceptional exhibition runs from September 13 to September 18, with tickets available for purchase on the Our House website.

Renowned for his distinctive sonic tapestry, Reinier Zonneveld has enraptured global audiences, propelling him to the forefront of the electronic music panorama. The takeover at Our House presents aficionados and music devotees an unparalleled chance to delve into the enigmatic universe of Reinier Zonneveld, tracing his evolution from clandestine raves in the Netherlands to his current standing as a pioneering virtuoso who has commanded sold-out solo shows at illustrious venues worldwide, including Amsterdam’s iconic Ziggo Dome.

Central to the exhibition will be an array of cherished memorabilia and archival footage, spotlighting Reinier Zonneveld’s iconic studio gear that has been pivotal in sculpting his inimitable sonic identity. Visitors will be granted an intimate look into his creative process, gaining insights into his production methodologies, and firsthand witnessing the instruments that animate his electrifying live performances and intricate compositions.

A prominent focal point of the exhibit will be an exclusive presentation of Reinier Zonneveld’s record label, Filth on Acid. Rooted in his unwavering commitment to pushing sonic frontiers, Filth on Acid has functioned as a platform for both emerging and established artists to manifest their visionary sounds. This segment of the exhibition will provide an immersive exploration into the label’s chronicle and its remarkable repertoire of releases.

The curtain rises on September 13, promising an indelible experience as Reinier Zonneveld commands the stage for a bespoke live performance at Our House Museum. Anticipate an enthralling spectacle that encapsulates his signature resonance and dynamic stage aura. This concert stands as a rare occasion to experience Zonneveld’s melodies in an intimate, immersive context, serving as a prelude to the entire exhibition.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Reinier Zonneveld shares, “I’m elated to collaborate with Our House Museum and unveil my expedition through the electronic music realm to my fans and fellow audiophiles. This exhibit mirrors my ardor for transcending boundaries and embracing the unconventional, all while unveiling lesser-known anecdotes about my journey and life.”

Make sure not to miss this opportunity to witness the intersection of music, art, and technology as Reinier Zonneveld takes the helm at Amsterdam’s Our House Museum. Secure your tickets and designated visitation slots now.


Reinier Zonneveld

Image Credit: Courtesy of The Media Nanny


Image Credit: MaartendeBruinFotografie / Provided by The Media Nanny

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