Shane Codd

Shane Codd releases dance-pop crossover single ‘Something More’: Listen

Shane Codd gives a timeless 90s dance vibe on his newest track ‘Something More’ out now.

Platinum-certified Irishman Shane Codd showcases his talent and sonic diversity with a new single ‘Something More’. Listeners around the globe may recognize him from the quarantine-era breakthrough anthem Get Out My Head’, which in addition to claiming Gold and Platinum certifications, peaked at #5 on the Irish Singles Chart, and within the Top 10 of the charts in the United Kingdom.

On his brand new ‘Something More’, the young producer brings back his upbeat, addictive style, which opens with digitized chords offset by soulful vocals, then quickly builds into a euphoric progressive drop accompanied by soaring melodies and hopeful lyrics. The song spreads a positive message, complete with an easy-listening, 90’s inspired sonic style, creating the perfect formula for the next midsummer anthem. Codd was inspired by the feeling of the drops in songs such as Eric Prydz‘s ‘Opus’ when he made the single, to which he said that he cast the rules aside and let creativity guide him. Codd initially caught global attention with “Get Out My Head,” which went viral with a locally charged, grassroots approach and changed his life for good. After being skyrocketed into the electronic music scene, we can’t wait to see what Shane Codd has up his sleeve next.

“Working on ‘Something More’ was similar to when I made ‘Get Out My Head,’ where I made it on my own in my bedroom in Cavan in Ireland with my headphones on, staying up until 6AM”, says Codd regarding his conception of the new track.

Listen to ‘Something More’ here.


Image Credit: Shane Codd (Press) / Provided by Unfolded PR