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SIZE Records and Tomorrowland Music present ‘SIZE XX TML’ EP: Listen

Steve Angello’s SIZE Records and Tomorrowland’s very own imprint Tomorrowland Music have teamed up to deliver a celebratory EP SIZE xx TML, an ode to the past 20 years of SIZE’s existence.

A symphony of innovation and collaboration. This is how Tomorrowland Music and SIZE described their joint EP SIZE xx TML. One could say that the same can be said for the past 20 years of tireless work and creation that the two electronic music powerhouses delivered. SIZE xx TML isn’t just a celebratory EP, but also a hint for what’s to come in the future.

The EP contains 6 carefully picked tracks, containing both legends of the scene and upcoming talents. Steve Angello himself reflected on the collaboration with Tomorrowland Music:

“The collaboration between SIZE and Tomorrowland is more than just a fusion of sounds; it’s a celebration of two decades of musical evolution, friendship, and creativity. Remixing the classics gives us a chance to honor our roots, while introducing four incredible new acts showcases our commitment to innovation and the future of music. Here’s to the past 20 years of harmony and inspiration, and to the next 20 years, where we’ll continue to break boundaries and redefine what’s possible.”

Other artists on the EP also shared their thoughts and showed their gratitude as well. HIISAK revealed that his track Subiendo (Vazilando) brought him back to his roots as a drummer. AN21 described his Ocean remix as “a crescendo of emotion and excitement” and “a constant drive that builds up to something truly spectacular”. Absolutely no lies there. Kommando, one of the new talents on the EP, released DANCE BABY DANCE as the beginning of his new artistic approach while Pretty Output’s Do You Hear Me is the debut single of their entire career, and they already hit the jackpot.


What is there left to say? Tomorrowland Music successfully collaborated with yet another huge record label, shortly after the release of STMPD RCRDS x Tomorrowland Vol. 2This joint project is not just a coincidence because the two brands established themselves almost in the same year: SIZE in 2003 and Tomorrowland in 2004. They have grown and evolved in their own way every single year afterward and Size xx TML is the fruit of labor of their tireless contribution to the electronic music scene.

The EP is out on all platforms.

Image Credit: Press / Provided by Tomorrowland

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