Skrillex, PEEKABOO, Flowdan & G-Rex combine on huge new track ‘Badders’: Listen

“Playing it live has been crazy. When I first started playing it, people didn’t know what it was, but the reactions have always been crazy… That’s when I knew this track was going to be huge; you can just listen to it over and over again,” says PEEKABOO.

For PEEKABOO and Skrillex fans, this particular track has been one of the most anticipated IDs since they started teasing it in their shows across the globe in the last few months. Part of a collection of massive IDs of Skrillex’s along with the previously released ‘Fine Day Anthem‘ with Boys Noize, ‘Badders‘ is the latest to finally to see the light of day, and with an all-star cast of artists. First getting together with G-Rex, PEEKABOO then also recruited Skrillex and Flowdan – both who have worked together on multiple other tracks – to sprinkle their magic, and the result is the earth-shattering ‘Badders.’

“G-Rex, one of my best friends, was going through some personal hardships, so I invited him to Detroit. I thought we could channel that emotion into our music, and that’s when we created ‘Badders.’ Working with Flowdan was an incredible experience; he’s such a wizard at creating lyrics… The same goes for Skrillex; he genuinely cares about music.” – PEEKABOO

On top of a menacing soundscape with rumbling undertones, Flowdan effortlessly raps the lyrics with a unique flow that fans have come to recognise as his signature, If ‘Badders’ is a cake, then Flowdan is the cherry on top. The magic about this track is the clear creative freedom, allowing every artist on the track to vibe and go with the flow, resulting in something purely joyful to listen to.

“We didn’t overthink it; we focused on creating something that we both enjoyed and connected with,” PEEKABOO explained about the process.

‘Badders’ is out now, and you can enjoy the magic between PEEKABOO, Skrillex, Flowdan and G-Rex below or here.

Image Credit: Marilyn Hue / Provided by Warner Music Group


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