Solomun elevates ‘Novaacation’ by Novaa with a refreshing remix: Listen

Solomun gives its dance twist to the indie pop track ‘Novaacation‘ by Novaa feat. LIE NING

Mladen Solomun, better known as Solomun or the maestro of endless sets, has a special gift when it comes to remixes. Not only are the results of his remixes always great, but the songs he reinterprets also bring something new to the music scene. Solomun doesn’t stick to the mainstream but approaches the entire music landscape based on his potential alone. He’s a trendsetter and a tastemaker and surprises once again. That Solomun has a soft spot for indie pop remixes is no longer news, and in truth, it works exceptionally well. This time Solomun’s magic touch has hit Novaa’s ‘Novaacation’. The brand-new remix is available now on the usual platforms via Humming Records.

Novaa is an award-winning German singer-songwriter whose talent is recognised worldwide. in 2019 she won the New Music Award for her debut album ‘Novaa‘, and in 2022 she received the Pop Culture Award for Favourite Producer and the Female Producer Award. She has released three more albums, including ‘The Futurist’ (2020) and the double album ‘She’s A Rose‘ (2021) and ‘She’s A Star‘ (2022), which also features the song ‘The World’s Thing‘ for the 2023 Dior Mitzah campaign. The fifth studio album ‘SUPER NOVAA‘ will be released in October and from it’ll come the gem ‘Novaacation’. It’s a modern, urban and highly hypnotic indie pop song. Novaa’s voice blends perfectly with LIE NING ‘s and gives the track a perfect symbiosis between vocals and beat.

It is this hypnotic characteristic that Solomun picks up on to heighten its penetrating, danceable power. The rhythm is quadrupled, broken and redoubled. The cadence is reconfigured to make ‘Novaacation’ an irreverent dance piece. It has notes of breakbeat, tech house, electronica and techno. A mixture that results in a main course filled with several layers and in which percussion plays a central role. It’s a club-ready remix for any time, with a catchy vocal and an infectious rhythm. Don’t get out of the rhythm and get the beat of this incredible remix. Another excellent production from Solomun that is worth listening to on repeat.


Image Credit: Chino Moro / Provided by Listen-Up PR