Tinlicker Lost

Tinlicker illuminates the soundscapes with latest release ‘Starchaser’: Listen

Dutch electronic duo Tinlicker has demonstrated their skill for creating ethereal soundscapes with their latest release, “Starchaser”. Known for blending progressive house, trance, and melodic techno into one unique sound, Tinlicker’s new track is yet another beautiful creation. This powerful duo has released music on labels like Anjunadeep, mau5trap, Astralwerks, and Armada. They have traveled around the world playing their amazing music at festivals like Tomorrowland, Ultra, and Mysteryland. With the release of their new track, comes a lot of excitement for devoted fans.

“Starchaser,” a fitting title for the ambiance the song gives out, showcases Tinlicker’s signature sound. They lean towards creating music with intricate melodies and stay within the realm of progressive house and melodic techno. This beautiful song falls nothing short of what is expected of this duo. Their ability to create ethereal music with constant beats is something that is hard to recreate. At its heart, “Starchaser” is an exploration of musical textures that make listeners feel like they are traveling through time. It begins with a delicate celestial introduction that draws listeners into a contemplative mood and progresses with a mesmerizing beat. They definitely hit the ball out of the park with this one.

Tinlicker’s artistry is undeniably on display in “Starchaser”. This track is rich with multidimensional sound and shows their attention to detail. The careful layering of beautiful melodies and progressive rhythms contribute to this song’s splendor. They have such a great ability to evoke emotion in listeners because of how gentle and beautiful their music is. Every song is unique in its own way and can really impact listeners. Their new track does not disappoint and once again causes devoted fans to feel something in their hearts.

Image Credit: Tinlicker (Press) / Provided by Smilax Publishing


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