Whales continues to build towards album release with ‘Big Room’: Listen

A decade into his incredible career, Israeli bass producer Whales is preparing to release his sophomore album, Two Worlds Apart, to his global fanbase. As the anticipation grows for the upcoming release, the producer has shared another single from the project.

Joining forces with CURE97, Whales delivers a club-shaking single that further pushes the boundaries of bass music and his own sound, as the two producers craft a single that ebbs and flows throughout its movements. Whales discussed the joy of working with a fellow Israeli producer on the track and the evolution of the single and their own relationship:

“Collaborating with fellow Israelis is always special for me, coming from a small country like Israel and being distant from many of my North American fans. CURE97, a standout talent in the bass music scene here, and I have known each other for 12 years. It took me some time to realize he was “CURE97,” but once we reconnected, we discovered how similar we are. His unique style, rebellious spirit, and disregard for rules intrigued me, and we embarked on creating something together. After trying various ideas, we stumbled upon a funny 5-second concept called “Big Room,” which we decided to explore. Working on it was a blast, and it evolved into a truly unique and special representation of our combined styles. Throughout the process, CURE97 became one of my closest friends. I’m thrilled for everyone to experience our musical craziness in “Big Room.”

As the track starts and stops over the first two minutes, showcasing the attention to detail and studio work that went into the creation of Big Room, the final run opens up and delivers a pounding percussion and bass that will surely get any crowd moving. With the release date of Two Worlds Apart fast approaching, fans of Whales can continue to marvel at the producer’s vast array of sounds and styles as they await the full album.

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Image Credit: Press photo/ provided by GetIn! PR

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