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Amelie Lens slams accusations of “traumatizing” her baby while DJing during pregnancy

Belgian techno sensation Amelie Lens recently found herself at the center of controversy when comments surfaced online accusing her of “traumatizing her baby” by DJing during her pregnancy.

Amelie Lens, known for her electrifying techno performances and infectious beats, quickly responded to these allegations, setting the record straight and emphasizing the importance of not passing judgment without understanding the facts.

Amelie’s Bold Response

In a world where social media often becomes a platform for unsolicited opinions and criticisms, Amelie Lens remained unapologetic about her decision to continue performing during her pregnancy. She took to Instagram to address the negative comments head-on, stating, “Man not knowing anything about pregnancy but thinking it’s ok to judge a pregnant woman and her baby who is guided and advised by the best doctors in the world in 3…2..1…” With this comment, she made it clear that her choice was well-informed and guided by medical professionals.

The controversy erupted after Amelie Lens’s performance at the Decibel Open Air Festival, where she delivered a captivating closing set on the Mainstage. Her undeniable talent and passion for music have made her a sought-after DJ in the electronic music scene, and her fans were thrilled to see her perform live once again. However, not everyone shared the same enthusiasm.

Amelie’s Pregnancy Announcement

Amelie Lens, surprised her fans earlier in July when she revealed that she and fellow DJ Farrago were expecting a baby girl. The announcement was met with an outpouring of love and support from her fan base, but it also led to a debate on whether she should continue performing while pregnant.

Balancing Motherhood and Music

The controversy surrounding Amelie Lens raises important questions about women in the music industry and their right to pursue their careers while starting a family. For years, female artists have grappled with societal expectations and judgments when they choose to become mothers while working in male-dominated fields like electronic music.

Amelie’s decision to continue DJing while pregnant highlights the need for a more inclusive and understanding society that respects women’s choices and acknowledges the support and guidance they receive from healthcare professionals. It is crucial to recognize that each pregnancy is unique, and what works for one person may not be suitable for another.

Nonetheless, we wish Amelie Lens the best and a safe pregnancy.




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