DEEPBLUE is back to Bootshaus on September 30 with the 9th edition of DARKSEA

Tiefblau, Tujamo and Jebroer are two of the names on the lineup for the 9th Edition of DARKSEA at Bootshaus

Tiefblau, Tujamo and Jebroer return to Bootshaus to spread electrifying energy. These are just two of the names on the brilliant line-up for DEEPBLUE’s 9th edition of DARKSEA. After the huge success of previous editions, DARKSEA returns to the Bootshaus dancefloor for another night that will go down in the books. Bringing together a star-studded lineup that will entertain dance lovers from 10.00 pm to 5.30 am, this event will occupy all three areas of the super club. Mark your calendars, it’s coming up this Saturday, 30 September in Germany’s epicentre of the best parties: the Bootshaus. You can find official ticket information here, but as you might expect, this event is sold out.

Tiefblau is the German translation of deep blue, but it’s so much more. Tiefblau is the stage name of Dominik Lüth, one of the biggest names in German nightlife. Responsible for creating the DEEPBLUE series of events, he has also nurtured a career as a DJ and music producer.DEEPBLUE DARKSEA

DEEPBLUE events are a German icon, just like Bootshaus. And that’s perhaps why it’s the house that hosts these incredible and popular events. With almost a dozen editions under its belt, DARKSEA returns to Bootshaus with DEEPBLUE to make the night of 30 September simply unforgettable. Alongside Tiefblau, the lineup includes some of the Germans’ favourite names, who have also appeared at previous editions of the event. These include Tujamo and Jebroer who, along with Wedamnz, Timbo and Camic, will be shaking up the Mainfloor. Restricted, R3wire, Relova and Jusse will be in charge of the Bootshaus Blckbx. Jack Rush will be the protagonist in the Dreherei booth.

As you can see, it’ll be another night at Bootshaus that you won’t want to miss. High-quality music is expected from this lineup beautifully curated by DEEPBLUE.


Image Credit: Bootshaus