Eric Prydz Call On Me

Eric Prydz ‘Call On Me’: Looking Back at a Viral Sensation Before Social Media

In the mid-2000s, the electronic dance music scene was taking the world by storm, and among the tracks that left an indelible mark was Eric Prydz’s “Call On Me.” Beyond its infectious beats and catchy melody, this dance anthem had an intriguing history, an unexpectedly viral music video, and even the artist’s own ambivalence towards it. In this article, we revisit “Call On Me,” exploring its achievements, its unforgettable music video, and the story behind the song that Eric Prydz himself didn’t particularly like.

Released in 2004, “Call On Me” quickly became a dancefloor sensation. Eric Prydz’s clever use of a sample from Steve Winwood’s “Valerie” created a nostalgic yet fresh sound that resonated with listeners worldwide. The track’s upbeat tempo and infectious rhythm made it an instant favorite for clubbers and radio listeners alike.


“Call On Me” was a commercial and critical success. It reached the number one spot on the UK Singles Chart and was a top-ten hit in several other countries. Its widespread popularity earned Eric Prydz recognition as a prominent figure in the electronic music scene.

The Viral Music Video

One of the defining aspects of “Call On Me” was its music video. Directed by Huse Monfaradi, the video featured an aerobics class led by the eye-catching and energetic instructor, played by Deanne Berry. The video’s provocative dance routines quickly went viral, becoming an internet sensation long before the age of social media.

The video’s impact on popular culture was profound, and it contributed significantly to the track’s success. To this day, it remains one of the most memorable and parodied music videos in the history of electronic dance music.

Eric Prydz’s Ambivalence

Despite the track’s immense popularity, Eric Prydz has been open about his mixed feelings towards “Call On Me.” In interviews, he has expressed regret about releasing a track that he felt didn’t fully represent his artistic vision. The success of “Call On Me” overshadowed some of his other work, leading to a complex relationship between the artist and his own creation.

“Call On Me” has a unique history. It began as a bootleg remix of Steve Winwood’s “Valerie,” which Prydz initially created for his DJ sets. Its infectious appeal led to its official release, and it quickly became a global hit. The song’s unexpected journey from a DJ tool to a chart-topping single is a testament to the unpredictable nature of the music industry.

The record is more than just a dance anthem; it’s a cultural phenomenon that defined an era. Despite the artist’s reservations about it, the track’s achievements, viral music video, and unique history have secured its place in the pantheon of electronic dance music classics. Looking back at “Call On Me,” we can appreciate its enduring impact on music and pop culture, reminding us that sometimes, even the most unexpected creations can become timeless masterpieces.



Image Credit: Ministry of Sound

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