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Headhunterz announces his final show before retirement
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Headhunterz announces his final show before retirement

Home Uncategorized Headhunterz announces his final show before retirement

In a shocking turn of events for fans of the hardstyle music scene, Headhunterz, the iconic DJ and producer, recently declared his decision to retire from touring. Citing a desire for a more balanced life and the need for personal reflection, Headhunterz took to his social media platforms to share this momentous news with his dedicated following.

Headhunterz, whose real name is Willem Rebergen, has long been regarded as a true legend in the hardstyle genre. With a career spanning over a decade, he has been responsible for numerous chart-topping hits and has played a pivotal role in popularizing hardstyle music worldwide. His decision to step away from the touring life has left his fans both surprised and reflective.

In a heartfelt message to his fans, Headhunterz stated, “This is not an end. It’s the turning of a page to open up a new chapter of my life and my musical journey. But not before giving it the closing it deserves. That is why I am hosting a final show, to do this the way that feels exactly right to me. Up close and personal. A chance to honor everything we created together.”

Fans and music enthusiasts alike will have the opportunity to be part of this historic moment as Headhunterz prepares to bid farewell to his touring career. The grand finale is set to take place on Saturday, December 23rd, at the renowned 013 venue in Tilburg, Netherlands.

The anticipation for this event is already at a fever pitch, and it promises to be an unforgettable night filled with electrifying music and nostalgia. Headhunterz’s final performance is expected to be a fitting tribute to his illustrious career and the loyal fans who have supported him throughout.

Ticket sales for this once-in-a-lifetime event will commence on Thursday, September 28th, at 12:00 PM local time. Fans are encouraged to act swiftly, as tickets are sure to be in high demand, given the gravity of the occasion.

As the hardstyle community prepares to say goodbye to one of its most iconic figures, Headhunterz’s final show promises to be an emotional and monumental occasion. It’s an opportunity for fans to come together and celebrate the music and memories that have defined an era, all while bidding a fond farewell to the legendary artist who has been at the forefront of the hardstyle movement. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of history – secure your tickets and join Headhunterz on his journey’s final leg.



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