Karasso unleashes new single ‘African Vibes’ into the world: Listen

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Karasso has been making a name for himself for years with the support of some of the biggest names in dance music keeping an eye on the Israeli producer. Following an already impressive 2023, he is releasing his latest single, a track that is built solely to incite the audience at festivals and clubs around the world.

With a resume that has seen him perform throughout Europe as well as sharing the stage in Mexico with Martin Garrix for the F1 Grand Prix, Karasso understands the elements and orchestration that make a track hit just right when performing. With his latest, African Vibes, out now on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, he pushes that main stage energy to 11, mixing a variety of genres and tribal elements for a hard-hitting release. Discussing the new single, the Israeli producer reveals how he looked to utilize the tribal elements of African music while injecting his own influences and experiences into the music:

As an Israeli producer Karasso was thinking how to combine his roots along with the music that he loves and this is how the Idea of African Vibes was made.. African Vibes is an absolute festival banger with the right Big-Room Techno elements together with tribal

Having already seen massive support from Blasterjaxx, African Vibes is sure to be a staple of many producers’ sets in the months to come. For Karasso, no stage or challenge seems too big as he continues to unleash his productions out into the world while commanding stages throughout it. African Vibes is truly a culmination of his hard work and the already incredible achievements of an artist who is continuing to showcase why he is a force to reckon with within the industry.

With a few months left in 2023, Karasso may not be done releasing music for the year, but he has certainly set the bar very high with African Vibes.



Image Credit: Karasso (Press)

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