MR.BLACK delivers long anticipated full-length album ‘Tranceformation’: Listen

After months of build-up and pre-release singles, MR.BLACK has finally released his highly anticipated debut full-length album, Tranceformation. Over 12 tracks, the Israeli producer takes listeners on a musical journey, exploring a variety of styles and moods while showcasing his incredible powers in the studio.

Back in March, MR.BLACK began his journey toward this momentous occasion with the release of the album’s first single, Flight 303, a hard-driving single that welcomes listeners on a sonic journey over his pulsing percussions and psytrance production. That single sits third on the album, following the title track and Time After Time, a more melodic track (at least for Mr. Black), which opens with a beautiful vocal melody over a subtle layer of synths before building into a festival-ready anthem. As the listeners reach the middle of the album, they may be looking for a breather with Coffee Break, but the track and the urgency of the female vocal on top represent someone who has downed several cups of coffee already, feeling the full rush of caffeine hitting the bloodstream.

Over the course of the album, MR.BLACK relies heavily on spoken word vocals to introduce themes and bring listeners into the world he is creating music. Tracks like Flight 303 and Psychedelic World are enhanced by the toplines, helping to take listeners on a tour of the musical landscape, a journey that benefits listeners everywhere and will certainly lend themselves to some incredible visuals when the producer takes these songs out on the road in the coming months.

While MR.BLACK is known for his hard-hitting psytrance style, his orchestration and compositions lend themselves to plenty of musicality and evolution throughout the course of the album. Tracks like Beauty Of Silence and Desert Storm maintain the energy and edge that he delivers on stage, but the more subtle intros allow listeners a pause to reflect and get lost in the more subtle aspects of his work, proving that he is a great storyteller even without words.

The release of Tranceformation is surely a huge milestone for MR.BLACK in his already incredible career, and as the last track says, ‘All my life, I’ve been waiting for tonight.” This release is surely a moment that Mr. Black has been waiting for and he deserves to celebrate this incredible body of work.




Image Credit: Guy Sidi / Eclipse Media

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