Rival, Salvo, and Whales come together for beautiful single, ‘Odd One Out’: Listen

Dance music is beautiful because of the number of collaborations and craftsmanship that often come together to create something that is both the sum of and often bigger than the parts involved. For the latest release from Rival, Whales, and Salvo, they have crafted a new single that is melodically beautiful while still showcasing all their talent and range as producers across the three minutes and forty seconds of music.

German producer Rival has been showcasing his incredible talents since 2017, taking his background as a pianist and composer in jazz and classical music and using it to elevate both his own work, as well as the whole bass music genre with his impeccable works. For his newest release, he gets some help from the legendary Israeli producer Whales as well as a topline from Salvo. From the opening notes of Salvo’s vocal performance, the energy, passion, and emotion of her writing and performance jump through the speakers, demanding listeners digest her message of being on the outside, the “Odd One Out.” It’s an inspired vocal that perfectly lifts and elevates the incredible work done by Rival and Whales on the production side of things.

Opening with a lush synth pad and piano keys, the music is subtle yet engaging, allowing listeners to take their time and focus on Salvo’s words while never disappearing into the background. This is a complete production, with all elements working together to elevate the whole. As the percussion comes in, the energy rises and drives forward, allowing the vocals and emotion to grow until the drop hits, allowing Whales and Rival to play around with their immense talents and production skills. Rival continues to assert his place in electronic music ahead of his upcoming INTRODUCING RIVAL livestream performance set to debut on YouTube on September 8th, where he will put his full array of music talents on display,

Until then, check out the incredible new single Odd One Out.


Image Credit: Press Photo | provided by GetIn! PR

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