Skrillex & Berghain

Skrillex is set to perform at Berghain for the first time

Berghain, the iconic Berlin nightclub known for its unwavering dedication to hardcore techno and underground electronic music, is about to host an unexpected guest: Skrillex. This upcoming event, part of PAN’s 15th-anniversary celebration, is set to challenge conventional expectations by bringing Skrillex, a household name in the commercial electronic music scene, to the hallowed halls of Berghain. In this article, we delve into this unusual pairing and what it represents for both the artist and the club.

Berghain: The Temple of Hardcore Techno

Berghain has long been revered as a mecca for techno purists and enthusiasts worldwide. Nestled in a former power plant, its imposing industrial façade conceals an interior that pulsates with the raw energy of electronic music. Berghain has a strict door policy, a no-photos rule, and a reputation for marathon DJ sets that can last well into the following day. It has earned a legendary status for championing uncompromising, underground techno, and the club’s Berghain/Panorama Bar space is synonymous with the genre’s evolution.

The Unusual Pairing

The announcement of Skrillex’s appearance at Berghain has sparked curiosity and intrigue within the electronic music community. It’s a collaboration that defies expectations, blurring the lines between the underground and mainstream electronic music worlds. Berghain’s willingness to open their doors to artists like Skrillex speaks volumes about the club’s ethos and its desire to explore new musical frontiers.

This unique event is part of PAN’s 15th-anniversary celebration, marking the milestone of this influential Berlin-based label. PAN has been at the forefront of experimental and avant-garde electronic music, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. By bringing Skrillex to Berghain, PAN continues to disrupt expectations and showcase the diversity of electronic music.

The upcoming Skrillex performance at Berghain raises questions about the future of electronic music. It challenges the notion that artists should remain confined to their established genres and scenes. As electronic music evolves and embraces a broader spectrum of styles, collaborations like this one exemplify the genre’s ability to reinvent itself continually.

Skrillex’s imminent appearance at Berghain represents a collision of worlds within the electronic music universe. It’s an unconventional union that defies expectations and highlights the ever-evolving nature of the genre. As electronic music continues to expand its horizons, it’s events like these that remind us of the boundless possibilities and the enduring power of music to bridge gaps and bring together diverse communities of fans. Skrillex’s set at Berghain promises to be a memorable moment in the ongoing narrative of electronic music.


Image Credit: Marilyn Hue / Provided by Warner Music Group (Skrillex) & Simon Tartarotti on Unsplash (Berghain / Panorama Bar)


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