Space 92

Space 92 debuts on Drumcode with the thrilling two-tracker ‘Time’: Listen

Techno sensation Space 92 makes his big debut on Drumcode with a simply phenomenal EP.

Space 92 is a cosmic gladiator. The name of Mathieu Mourareau‘s alias doesn’t leave much to the imagination but gets straight to the point. Just like his music. The number comes from his year of birth. 1992 is well after the golden age of the original raves, but the French producer’s platonic passion for this era makes him portray it in his productions. The reference to space remains in all his tracks, due to the elements and sound that are common. Silky melodies, splashes of acid and heavy, sometimes distorted, percussion outline a sci-fi-infused repertoire. The top spot on the Beatport charts is not an unfamiliar place for Space 92, nor are the heavyweight labels. Filth on Acid, Form Music and 1605 are just some of the examples that followed his long-awaited debut on Adam Beyer‘s label. His premiere is in style, with a two-tracker that reflects the techno prodigy’s production skills. ‘Time‘ is now available for streaming and download via Drumcode.

‘Time’ is the fruit of time and careful, meticulous production. Its vibrant pad sequence becomes almost hypnotic, dancing along to the unsettling drum work. Relaxation is lost in the very strong break of ‘Time’, made up of an attacking bass. About the creation of ‘Time’, Space 92 reveals that:

“I was constantly on tour while making ‘Time’ so, I’d work on it for a while, leave it and then come back and my mood or inspiration would have changed. ‘Time’ carries its name so well, because it literally encompasses a chunk of my life and brings back so many memories.”

Voyager‘ is a real journey back to the 90s. A brilliant series of bass stabs guide the way through a space landscape that doesn’t skimp on lasers or synths.

‘Time’ follows Space 92’s grandiose collaborations with Hardwell and HI-LO. It’s worth keeping an eye on this talented artist, preferably while listening to this powerful EP:

Image Credit: Space 92 (Press) / Provided by The Echo Agency