The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers admit touring in the US is “not viable” for them

The iconic British electronic dance duo The Chemical Brothers have confessed in their latest interview with Billboard that touring in the United States is currently “not viable” for them.

The Chemical Brothers, consisting of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, were guests in an interview with Billboard in which they discussed their latest album For That Beautiful Feelinghow the aforementioned project came to life during the Covid-19 pandemic, and concerns they have over their shows in the United States.

One of the band members, Ed Simons, commented on why he and Tom won’t be coming to the United States for a show, at least temporarily:

“The costs have gone up so much. It’s just not really viable at the moment… I’m apologetic to the people who do want to see us that it is increasingly difficult for us to get to America because we had the times of our lives playing there.”

The duo admittedly stated that they tried to make the US tour work simply by sinking their teeth which in the end proved futile. Tom and Ed wanted to bring their whole live production with them which consists of a live gear rig, LED screens, and animations that grace those screens during The Chemical Brothers’ performances.

The Chemical Brothers strongly believe that their massive production is there to stay because it’s the very essence of their shows, which Ed Simons described like this:

“[The production] originally came from the fact that we didn’t want to inflict [audiences with] just the two of us awkwardly standing with the synthesizers, so we wanted a big back job, but it’s just grown and grown, and now we’ve got these 40-foot clowns voicing the words.”

Interestingly enough, The Chemical Brothers will be touring almost every continent excluding the United States, with the duo taking their massive production to Asia, Australia, and of course, Europe. 2nd and 3rd of February next year are reserved for Tokyo, Japan, while the Australian crowds will enjoy the band’s immaculate performances a bit longer as the pair will visit Sydney, Geelong, and Brisbane in late February and early March of 2024. Tickets for all of those shows are available through The Chemical Brothers’ official website.


Image Credit: The Chemical Brothers (Press) by Hamish Brown & Illustration by Ruffmercy / Provided by Outside Organisation

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