WHALES unleashes incredible album and merch for ‘Two Worlds Apart’ : Listen

Now a decade into his storied career, WHALES has crafted an incredible album that is a true highlight of his production powers and songwriting capabilities. Across 17 tracks, the Israeli producer takes listeners on a journey of bass, percussion, and impeccable melodies that represent his journey as an artist and person.

Any artist who finds success will have stories of turmoil and struggle in their journey through the music industry and the rigors of following a passion into the unknown, but for WHALES, the journey was further complicated by a collection of afflictions and personal trauma that could have easily derailed his career before it officially began. Thanks to an incredible opportunity to take the stage several countries away from home, and a spirit and desire to succeed, the dubstep and bass music producer is now able to deliver his magnum opus, the incredible new album, Two Worlds Apart.

“For over a decade, I never really made a project that captured my musical essence, reflecting my roots, influences, and my evolution across genres like dubstep, hip-hop, and rock. I struggled with branding and trying to find the right balance between my two musical worlds. Finally, last year, “Aqua” for my heavier music and “Soul” for my melodic side were born. These personas, represented visually by two whales with distinct tales, not only strengthened my fan community, but also crafted a musical universe. After a year of rolling with these identities, I knew it was time to showcase something bigger than ever before — to show both sides of me and tell the story to the max. The inspiration for the project draws from the unique boundary where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans collide, but don’t mix. I’ve always imagined my music in that way, making this natural phenomenon the perfect fit for this project.”

Across all 17 tracks, WHALES unveils a consistent barrage of energy and excitement, delivering a complete album that pulls from multiple influences while feeling accessible both on the dance floor surrounded by fellow fans or listening home and digesting the nuances and subtleties that make for a great artist. With the release of this incredible production, WHALES is taking his show on the road and hitting several stops across the United States including Miami, Denver, and Dallas. In further celebration of the release, as well as a stop at the famed Lost Lands Festival, Whales will also be releasing his first line of merchandise on September 19th.

Be sure to check out Two Worlds Apart below.

Image Credit: Press photo/ provided by GetIn! PR

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