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Alison Wonderland returns to Whyte Fang alias with new single ‘24 HRS’: Listen

Despite a year filled with giving birth and getting engaged, Australian producer Alison Wonderland seems as motivated and inspired as ever as she continues to tour and release new music under her main project, as well as through her darker alias, Whyte Fang. Following the release of the side project’s debut album earlier this year, she is now returning to Whyte Fang for the bass-heavy new single 24 HRS.

When Alison Wonderland decided to deliver a one-off Whyte Fang performance at The Roxy in Los Angeles in the summer of 2022, it seemed she was unknowingly teasing the dance music world for the much larger plans set in motion in  2023. With the launch of her own imprint, FMU Records, she would immerse herself into this alter ego, releasing the project’s debut album Genesis back in April while performing that same weekend in the desert of California at the Coachella Festival. Since then, she has been focused on the birth of her first child before pivoting back to her day job as Alison Wonderland and releasing the infectious new single, Fight Or Flight with help from MEMBA back in September.

With another Whyte Fang show scheduled for mid-October, this time in Denver, CO, she has decided to release a new single from the project before the first time Whyte Fang takes the stage outside of Los Angeles or New York. The brand-new single 24 HRS is reminiscent of her debut album, as she returns to the driving rhythms and dark synths while she repeats the tag, “24 hours, night and day, give me a reason, lord I pray,” in her haunting fashion, layered in delay and reverb to add to the atmosphere.

While Alison Wonderland has cemented her stature as an electronic music legend over the course of her career, she continues to reveal that her motivation and passion are stronger than ever as she pushes the boundaries with each new release.

Check out 24 HRS now.

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