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Ferry Corsten unveils the story behind System F classic ‘Out Of The Blue’: Watch

Armada Music, one of the world’s leading electronic dance music labels, continues to celebrate its 20th anniversary in style. As part of their yearlong anniversary celebrations, the label has launched a captivating documentary series titled ‘Armada Music 20 Years Classics.’ This series offers electronic music enthusiasts an intimate glimpse into the lives and stories of dance music’s pioneers and their iconic tracks. The third episode of the series shines a spotlight on the legendary DJ and producer Ferry Corsten and his iconic 1999 single, Out Of The Blue,’ released under his System F moniker.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

The ‘Armada Music 20 Years Classics’ documentary series takes viewers on a nostalgic journey through the evolution of electronic dance music. Episode three focuses on the timeless classic, ‘Out Of The Blue,’ a track that has left an indelible mark on the history of dance music. Ferry Corsten, the creative genius behind the System F alias, along with Armada Music CEO Maykel Piron and BBC Radio 1 legend Pete Tong, delve into the intriguing story behind this influential record.

The Genesis of ‘Out Of The Blue’

‘Out Of The Blue’ was a groundbreaking release that seamlessly fused ’80s and Italo dance influences, setting it apart from the conventional trance tracks of its time. In the documentary, Ferry Corsten reminisces about the creative process behind the track, offering insights into the inspirations and influences that shaped this masterpiece.

The Birth of System F

During the episode, viewers gain an understanding of how Ferry Corsten conceived the System F alias. This alias allowed him to explore a different creative avenue within the realm of electronic music, one that would eventually give birth to ‘Out Of The Blue’ and countless other classics.

A Guerrilla-Style Marketing Masterstroke

One of the most intriguing aspects of ‘Out Of The Blue’s’ success is its unconventional marketing strategy. The documentary reveals how Ferry Corsten and his team employed a guerrilla-style marketing approach, making this track a career-defining success. It’s a story of dedication, innovation, and the audacity to challenge industry norms.

Impact and Legacy

‘Out Of The Blue’ catapulted Ferry Corsten’s career to new heights, becoming a timeless anthem cherished by dance music aficionados around the world. The episode sheds light on the enduring legacy of this track and its enduring influence on the electronic music landscape.

Armada Music’s ’20 Years Classics’ documentary series is a testament to the label’s commitment to celebrating the pioneers and timeless tracks that have shaped the electronic dance music industry over the past two decades. The third episode, featuring ‘Out Of The Blue’ by Ferry Corsten under his System F alias, is a must-watch for electronic music fans eager to uncover the behind-the-scenes stories and creative processes of the genre’s trailblazers. As we continue to celebrate Armada Music’s 20th anniversary, it’s clear that the label’s legacy is deeply intertwined with the history of dance music itself.



Image Credit: Ferry Corsten Press / Provided by Armada PR

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