Eli Brown and HI-LO

HI-LO and Eli Brown drop electrifying collaboration: ‘RIDE OR DIE’: Listen

HI-LO and Eli Brown are back together to deliver a hybrid bomb that fuses techno and hip-hop.

Two of the hottest names in the techno world have teamed up once again to drop nothing less than an atomic bomb. Shrouded in the electrifying energy typical of a peak time ogive, the new collaboration between HI-LO and Eli Brown has been making waves ever since it was first released. ‘RIDE OR DIE‘, already available on the usual platforms via HILOMATIK, features a (very) catchy vocal and an exquisite pounding production, ready to energise you for the club season ahead.

This isn’t the first time HI-LO and Eli Brown have collaborated. This new track follows ‘Industria‘, a massive hit and one that toured incessantly in 2022. Alongside productions, the two artists have teamed up behind b2b decks that have already become the main attraction at many events. There’s no doubt that it’s a synergy that works, as HI-LO himself says:

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Eli Brown and to combine our strengths in both the studio and in our b2b sets (…) ‘RIDE OR DIE’ was born in a studio session before our b2b set at E1 London in early March, and when we dropped the first test version of the track during that set and when we saw/heard/felt the crowd’s reaction, we both knew that it was going to be a big one”.

‘RIDE OR DIE’ made a splash ever since its authors started testing it and it didn’t go unnoticed during the festival season. It was one of the most sought-after tracks in the techno realm and the reasons are clear. ‘RIDE OR DIE’ encapsulates a dizzying energy and a percussion game not recommended for the most sensitive. From the very first moments, what grabs you are the catchy and hypnotic urban vocals, that portray hip-hop influences. The deep melody typical of HI-LO soon arrives, filling the space and maintaining the mystique throughout the track, keeping company with the pounding drums. There’s also room for a touch of acid brought by the mythical 303, which has been a regular feature of Eli Brown’s productions.

Regarding the production of this bomb, Brown adds that:

“I’m excited to be back with another collaboration with HI-LO, and this one picks up where ‘Industria‘ left off. It’s been a massive part of my set since we made it back in March and one of my most requested IDs from my EDC set earlier this year. After a long wait, I’m excited this is finally coming out, and I can’t wait to share it with the world“.

Listen to this intense and incredible production below:

Image credits: Press