MitiS taps Sarah de Warren for stunning new single ‘Phantom Love’: Listen

Renowned for his anthemic and cinematic production style, MitiS has set the bar for melodic dubstep and sonic production with his incredible catalog of releases and albums through the years. Now the Philadelphia-based producer returns with one of the scene’s most respected vocalists for an emotionally stunning four-plus minutes of music.

With a loyal following of melodic dubstep fans as well as fellow producers who look to him for guidance and inspiration through his otherworldly studio prowess, MitiS has continued to grow and advance his own abilities throughout the course of his career. Having already delivered two massive albums worth of material, 2018’s ‘Til The End and the 2021 masterpiece Lost, MitiS is pushing forward with a brand new, guitar-driven single as he evolves and experiments with new sounds:

Phantom Love came together so naturally, Sarah de Warren absolutely crushed the vocals. I felt this song was a bit more dark than my normal writing, more mature. Usually my music is piano driven, however, Phantom Love is a guitar-driven song that I hope everyone enjoys.

As MitiS mentioned, his latus opus features the incredible vocals of singer Sarah de Warren who shines throughout Phantom Love, perfectly matching the mood and style crafted by the producer. From her opening lines, sung over a lush guitar arpeggio, de Warren brings listeners into her psyche as she tours the corners of her mind where she longs for a love that isn’t there with her. By the time she sings the refrain of, “Give me just enough, your phantom love,” the harsh reality of the words sinks in just as the music lifts the listener back up to ebb and flow with the layers of bass, synths, and percussion crafted by MitiS.

Check out the massive new single, Phantom Love, from MitiS and Sarah de Warren now.

Image Credit: Press Photo | Provided by GetIn! PR

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