Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes

Motorcycle ‘As The Rush Comes’: Looking Back at an All-time Trance Classic

In the world of electronic music, certain tracks have the power to transcend time and genre boundaries. “As The Rush Comes” by Motorcycle is undeniably one of those tracks. Released in 2003, this masterpiece continues to evoke emotions and take listeners on a mesmerizing journey with each beat drop. In this article, we delve into the story behind “As The Rush Comes,” its remarkable achievements, and the enduring success it has enjoyed over the years.

The Birth of Motorcycle

To fully understand the story of “As The Rush Comes,” we must first explore the birth of the musical project known as Motorcycle. Motorcycle was a collaboration between two renowned electronic music producers: Jes Brieden, an American singer-songwriter and producer, and Gabriel & Dresden, a duo consisting of Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden. Each of these artists had already established themselves in the electronic music scene, but their union as Motorcycle would lead to something extraordinary.

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The Creation of “As The Rush Comes”

As The Rush Comes” was born from a spark of creative genius during a studio session. Jes, with her ethereal vocals and songwriting prowess, teamed up with Gabriel & Dresden‘s exceptional production skills to create a track that would define a generation. The song’s lyrics, which speak of the euphoria and escapism associated with electronic music, resonated deeply with fans, making it instantly relatable.

The track’s mesmerizing melody, coupled with Jes‘ hauntingly beautiful vocals, creates an otherworldly atmosphere that envelopes the listener. It builds gradually, layering synth elements and Jes‘ vocals to create a sense of anticipation and excitement. When the drop finally arrives, it’s as if a wave of sonic ecstasy washes over the audience, leaving them in a state of musical rapture.

Achievements and Success

Upon its release in 2003, “As The Rush Comes” quickly became an anthem in the global electronic music and dance music scene. Its impact was felt not only in clubs and festivals but also on radio airwaves and music charts. The track achieved the following remarkable feats:
Chart Success: “As The Rush Comes” topped various electronic music and dance music charts worldwide, including the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart, where it stayed for an impressive 19 weeks. The song received a Grammy Award nomination in 2005 for Best Dance Recording, solidifying its status as a classic. Over the years, “As The Rush Comes” has continued to be a favorite among DJs and producers, with countless remixes and reimaginings keeping it alive on dance floors.

Timeless Appeal:

What sets this track apart is its timeless appeal. Despite being nearly two decades old, “As The Rush Comes” still resonates with fans, both old and new, and is frequently included in DJ sets and compilations.

As The Rush Comes” by Motorcycle is a shining example of the enduring power of electronic music to captivate and transport listeners. Its captivating melody, emotive lyrics, and Jes‘ haunting vocals have made it an all-time classic that continues to bring people together on dance floors around the world. The story of Motorcycle and the success of “As The Rush Comes” remind us of the transformative and unifying power of music, transcending time and generations to touch the hearts of all who experience it.



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