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The Chainsmokers drop groovy new single with GRACEY, ‘Think of Us’: Listen

The Chainsmokers are back with their next single, ‘Think of Us,’ with GRACEY, and you’ll definitely fall in love with it.

It’s been a busy 2023 for The Chainsmokers. The duo made up of long-time friends Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, has already released seven singles so far this year. Impressively, each one sounds vastly different from the rest. Now The Chainsmokers are back for their eighth single of the year in the form of a collaboration with singer GRACEY, ‘Think of Us.’

The first thing you will notice about this track is the bass line. It is the highlight and foundation throughout. It’s deep, rich and moves the song across the two minutes and 50 seconds with incredible energy. In many the Chainsmokers songs, Drew Taggart trades verses with the other vocalist. However, this time, GRACEY is the main voice you hear throughout, while Taggart adds effective harmonies in the chorus.

“GRACEY wrote this incredible song about her boyfriend not picking her up and instead making her ride the 214 bus (i dno i guess that’s in London somewhere)… she let us produce it and insert my voice over a double time drop to appease my ego. we are still arguing about if we used the right vocoder at the end but now it’s too late. we love it and made maybe our favorite cover art ever inspired Wong Kar-wai and by inspired I mean completely copied. if you are feeling generous you’ll find a way to relate it to the song but mainly it’s just a sick photo.” – The Chainsmokers, Instagram

‘Think of Us,’ shows once again just how versatile The Chainsmokers can be in their production. If this is one of their final singles of 2023, they have finished out the year strong.

Listen to ‘Think of Us’ by The Chainsmokers and GRACEY via Secondhand Happiness below.

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