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Boudica Music Conference Announces Event at FOLD London

Making music for all and giving talented people the chance to showcase their skillsBoudica Music Conference announces event at the prestigious FOLD London

The main aim of the event, scheduled for 25 November, is to get more women, Trans+, and non-binary people interested in the music industry. The event will take place at FOLD London, tickets are now on sale.

“The conference is centred upon platforming and encouraging female, trans+ and non-binary individuals to pursue careers within the music industry in our mission to shatter heteronormative barriers.”, added Boudica to their post.on Instagram.

Boudica, a London-based publishing and conferencing platform, has set itself the goal of getting more females, Trans+, and non-binary people interested in music. During their existence, they have contributed to the music industry in a number of similar ways, such as offering a publishing opportunity on their label in May that was invented just for them. The aim of their current conference is to do this in a morning-to-evening event, dedicated to making knowledge available and exchangeable between attendees in a safer environment. Day and night tickets for the event on 25 November at FOLD London are now available.

Among other things, participants will also be able to access a one-to-one mentoring opportunity. This means that within the framework of a booking, they will have access to four mentors, from whom they can ask questions in a private and secure place. Additionally, the event will include two beginner DJ workshops led by IMOGEN and Swan Meat, as they collaborate with Pioneer DJ’s Start From Scratch initiative. Interestingly, PioneerDJ has also recently partnered with Beatport. As night falls, the day’s events will transition into captivating performances at FOLD by Samantha Togni, Swan Meat, Blasha & Allatt, and LYDO. Students and individuals facing unemployment or low-income circumstances can access complimentary admission to the Boudica Music Conference 2023.

Image Credit: Andrew Whitton / Provided by We Are Full Fat

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