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House Music Essentials Vol. 23 featuring Tchami, Freshcobar & more
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House Music Essentials Vol. 23 featuring Tchami, Freshcobar & more

Home Uncategorized House Music Essentials Vol. 23 featuring Tchami, Freshcobar & more

We Rave You our twenty-third installment of House Music Essentials with artists who are currently setting the music scene on fire. Get ready to immerse yourself in the pulsating beats and infectious rhythms brought to you by some of the industry’s most talented producers. Featuring no other than Tchami, Freshcobar, Sherm, BLUPRNT, Martial Simon, Nate Mars, I AM, and Jimmy Pé.

Whether you’re a seasoned house music enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, this edition has something for everyone. Join us on a journey through the beats and melodies that are dominating dance floors worldwide, curated by the finest artists who know how to deliver an unforgettable musical experience. From deep basslines to soaring melodies, each track featured in this edition has been carefully selected to elevate your music playlist. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of house music as we celebrate the creativity and innovation of the producers who continue to push boundaries and redefine the genre. So, without further ado, let’s embark on a musical adventure with We Rave You’s twenty-third edition of House Music Essentials featuring no other than Tchami, Freshcobar, Sherm, BLUPRNT, Martial Simon, Nate Mars, I AM, and Jimmy Pé. Get ready to groove, dance, and lose yourself in the infectious energy of these carefully curated tracks. It’s time to discover the sounds that are shaping the future of house music – are you ready?

In a recent electrifying night in the heart of Shinjuku, the pulsating beats of house music echoed through the vibrant streets as ZERO Tokyo played host to none other than the maestro himself, Tchami. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as fans flocked to witness a headline show that promised to be nothing short of spectacular. From the moment the doors opened, fans in Tokyo exuded an energy of excitement. The venue, known for its cutting-edge sound system and immersive lighting, was the perfect setting for Tchami’s infectious beats to take center stage. As the evening went on, the crowd’s anticipation reached a fever pitch, and Tchami graced the decks, kicking off a night that would be etched into the memories of all in attendance. The French maestro wasted no time, immediately immersing the crowd in a sonic journey that transcended the ordinary. His seamless mix of house, future house, and bass-infused tracks created a rhythm that had the entire venue pulsating in unison. The dance floor became a sea of movement, with every beat resonating through the bodies of eager fans who surrendered to the music. The diverse setlist showcased Tchami’s ability to navigate through various sub-genres of house music, keeping the energy levels high and the crowd on their toes. Classics like “Promesses” and “Adieu” were met with roars of approval, while newer releases sent waves of excitement through the crowd as they embraced the evolution of Tchami’s sound. Interacting with his fans in Tokyo after the set, the synergy between the artist, the music, and the audience was palpable, creating a collective euphoria that lingered long after the final track faded away.

In the aftermath of Tchami’s headline show at ZERO Tokyo, it’s safe to say that the French house artist left an indelible mark on the Tokyo nightlife scene. The night was a testament to the power of music to unite and elevate, and Tchami proved once again why he stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of electronic dance music.


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Freshcobar – “Gemini EP” 

Freshcobar, the visionary artist and founder of NOS Recordings, is set to mesmerize the global music scene with the release of his highly anticipated EP, “The Gemini EP.” This collection of five meticulously crafted tracks marks a profound departure from Freshcobar’s previous releases, delving deep into the realms of house and deep house music. Featuring a captivating blend reminiscent of the finesse of Chris Stussy, the mystique of Ten Walls, and the enigmatic allure of Claptone, Freshcobar’s “The Gemini EP” unveils a sonic journey unlike any other. Each track offers a unique sonic landscape, showcasing Freshcobar’s versatility as an artist and producer. This EP is a testament to Freshcobar’s relentless commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new musical horizons. Born from a pivotal moment in the artist’s life. “The Gemini EP” is a testament to the power of creativity in the face of adversity. Freshcobar shares his thoughts on this groundbreaking release as below.

“The Gemini EP represents a significant chapter in my musical journey. It’s a reflection of the ups and downs I’ve faced, and how music has been my constant companion through it all. These tracks are deeply personal and carry the essence of resilience and transformation. I can’t wait to share them with the world.”

 Sherm & BLUPRNT –  “Real Life” 

Chicago’s very own acclaimed Artist/DJ Sherm, fresh off an electrifying showcase at ADE, is back, this time teaming up with Chicago duo BLUPRNT for their single “Real Life”, out now via Hood Politics. “Real Life” is an underground anthem that boasts an irresistible groove paired with a captivating vocal sample and big synth stabs. Sherm and BLUPRNT bring the feeling of peak time energy at the club into this track, masterfully arranging each breakdown to build into a drop that was bigger that the last.

“Real Life” is a continuation of Sherm’s hot streak this year, as he not only hosted the “Tech/House Boom in the US: What’s In It for You?” panel at ADE this year, but performed at Hood Politics / Bring The Kingdom ADE showcase. Elite electronic music tastemaker Beatportal recently named Sherm as one of six emerging artists “on their radar” while the masked house maestro Claptone has been heavily supporting Sherm’s previous single “Madonna” – including his recent set at Space Miami. Throughout his career thus far, it’s clear that Sherm has created an unshakeable presence both in Chicago and beyond. He’s built one of the largest electronic music podcasts from the ground up – Sherm In The Booth – and his versatile talents both DJing and as an artist have earned him prestigious bookings including North Coast Festival (4x veteran), Lollapalloza’s afterparty with Acraze, Volleywood, and direct support for Armin Van Buuren, Galantis, and plenty more.

The nonstop energy of “Real Life” pretty much symbolizes how this year has gone for Chicago-based production duo BLUPRNT. One of the more exciting under-the-radar duos in house music, the BLUPRNT boys have burst onto the scene in 2023 with support from artists like Diplo, Dr. Fresch, Matroda, DJ Susan, and more. It only takes a few listens to understand why their high-energy sound that combines elements from tech and bass house is connecting with audiences and fellow DJs alike.

Martial Simon –  “Turn Down The Lights” 

In a digital age where artists rapidly emerge and fade, only a handful standout as pillars of innovation and influence. Seasoned DJ and producer, Martial Simon, is among these select few noteworthy artists. 2023 has been nothing short of spectacular for Simon, punctuating an already storied career with an array of accolades that highlight his talents. The finale to his dynamic year is “Turn Down The Lights.” Beyond its fast-paced, warm synths and indelible pop vocal melodies, this track encapsulates Simon’s musical journey — a blend of his bright, signature sound with a nod to the future. It’s a song that feels familiar, yet fresh, emblematic of an artist who knows his roots but isn’t afraid to push boundaries.

With an astonishing 1.5 million plus streams accrued so far this year, this number stands as a monumental testament to Simon’s resonance with a global audience. Tracks like “Have A Good Time” and “Go Bezerk” aren’t merely songs, they’re sensory anthems that fans have voraciously consumed, further entrenching Martial’s place as a luminary in the electro-pop and electro-house genres.

It’s worth noting that such achievements aren’t the result of overnight success, but the culmination of years honing his craft. Each acclaim Simon has garnered this year is built upon a foundation of tireless dedication, endless creativity, and an intuitive understanding of the ever-evolving musical landscape. To the uninitiated, now is the time to dive into the Martial Simon experience . And for his dedicated fans, rest assured, the best is yet to come.

Nate Mars  –  “In Time” EP

Dive deep into the experimental and raw sound of drum and bass with the latest EP offering from producer, Nate Mars, titled In Time. Drawing from his early inspirations in bass music, Mars captures the essence of classic dnb and rave music while lending a contemporary sound. Nate Mars pushes his musical boundaries, incorporating song-like structures and laying down his own heartfelt vocals and evocative lyrics in tracks like title track “In Time”, “Starting Over” and “Collect Call From”. These tracks illuminate Mars’s versatility, echoing his deep-rooted love for music and his evolution as an artist.

It’s essential to recall Nate Mars’s collaboration with Dia Luna on Out of The City, an acid house triumph that amassed over 56k streams globally and continues to grow. This release, celebrated by the dance music community, showcased Mars’s knack for fusing acid techno with pop sensibility, creating sonic landscapes that resonate both on the dancefloor and in listeners’ hearts.

At the heart of much of Nate Mars’ music lies the unmistakable pulse of the TB-303. This iconic sound is masterfully intertwined with a rich assembly of analog hardware, looped vocals, and an ever-present dark pop sensibility. In Time EP promises listeners an immersive journey, on the dancefloor or as a soundtrack to a late night drive. For this record, he put down the 303 and went back to his roots, chopping classic drum breaks, and bringing in rave stabs and classic 90’s piano riffs reminiscent of artists like, Moby, The Prodigy, Omni Trio, DJ Krust and 4am Kru.

I AM  –  “TTT” 

Dive deep into the world of house music with DJ/producer I AM, as he releases his new single, “TTT.” A track that’s not just a mere song but a journey of self-belief, depth, and opportunity. “TTT” stands as a symbolic example representing dedication and passion, with six years in the making. This multi-sectional house-based song offers listeners a chance to find their inner strength and believe in themselves. It provides an exploration of feelings and a promise of uncharted territories to be discovered within the pulse of the rhythm.

The journey of “I AM” is one of progression and evolution. From his humble beginnings on turntables to venturing into the realm of mixers and CDJs, his experiences have been vast and varied. He has graced stages of private events, after parties, block parties, clubs, and even a festival. With two decades of live performances under his belt, “I AM” has collaborated with notable artists like Cappa, Sean Bravo, and Edward Fasone, earning him respect and support from a legion of producers and DJs. The digital sphere bears witness to his growing influence. Boasting 6.6 million video views on TikTok and 88k streams on Spotify, “I AM” is undoubtedly a force to reckon with. And the journey doesn’t stop with “TTT.” Fans can anticipate three more tracks from this DJ/producer before the year ends, reinforcing his commitment to ending 2023 on a powerful note.

His love for a diverse range of music is palpable. While dance and electronic genres form the cornerstone of his style, he seamlessly infuses pop and electronic together, ensuring an electrifying performance every single time. The bold, dirty, and iconic sounds he delivers align with his ultimate goal: to lead people to true happiness through his music and performances.With aspirations of headlining global festivals and collaborating with top-tier artists, I AM dreams of offering people a once-in-a-lifetime musical experience. Dive into his world with “TTT” and be part of this unforgettable journey.



Jimmy Pé  –  “Blip Blop” 

In his latest EP, Blip Blop, DJ and producer Jimmy Pé once again demonstrates his unique creative direction, delivering an eclectic infusion of tech house, bass house, and mid-tempo, all seamlessly mixed in with his distinctive, home-brewed style of production. This release signifies a new pinnacle in his artistic journey with Slow Roast Records, underscoring his continuous evolution as a force in the electronic music scene.

Fans can look forward to a music video for the title track “Blip Blop” around mid to late November, which promises to showcase more of Jimmy Pé’s unique and in-demand style of music video creation.

The EP is a testament to Jimmy Pé’s ability to master the bass house genre while retaining his signature sound—characterized by dirty, chopped beats and flighty vocal samples. This distinctive style is further highlighted in the upcoming “Blip Blop” music video, expected to be a visual representation of his unique approach to the electronic genre.

Unveiling the Stellar Lineup and Experiences at Texas Eclipse 2024

Prepare for an extraordinary cosmic convergence as Disco Donnie Presents (DDP) and Probably Nothing join forces to present the first phase of talent and immersive experiences for the highly anticipated Texas Eclipse 2024 festival. Set to unfold from April 5 to 9 in the heart of central Texas, this five-day extravaganza is poised to attract over 50,000 attendees from around the globe, bringing together festival enthusiasts and eclipse aficionados for an unparalleled celebration of music, art, and technology—a once-in-a-lifetime experience millions of years in the making.

The festival will feature six distinct stages, each a vibrant world of its own. Here are some highlights from the lineup:

1. STS9: Renowned jam band STS9 will headline, known for their universal connections and transformative performances that transcend the boundaries of genre. Prepare for a transcendent celebration of humanity.

2. Disco Biscuits: The trance-fusion band, Disco Biscuits, will bring a fun and futuristic sound to the festival, incorporating emerging tech into their music for a truly otherworldly experience.

3. Vulfpeck: R&B soul maestros Vulfpeck promise a fusion of funk and soul, while funk-tronic acts like Big Gigantic, with their “Better Future” ethos, pioneer a unique blend of jazz, funk, and dubstep, featuring triumphant saxophone sounds.

4. Clozee: Spearheading the world music and bass movement, Clozee will infuse the festival with her spiritual and evolutionary sound.

5. Tycho: Grammy-nominated artist Tycho will elevate the festival experience by seamlessly blending his captivating ambient electronic sound with stunning visual creations.

6. Tipper: Auditory genius Tipper will bring a mesmerizing glitchy, trip-hop vibe to the stage, promising an immersive sonic journey.

7. Subtronics: Billboard-charting artist Subtronics is set to deliver a mind-bending, all-encompassing psychedelic DJ set.

8. Desert Hearts and LP Giobbi: For the lovers of house and techno, the globetrotting party brigade Desert Hearts and femme house icon LP Giobbi will set the stage ablaze with irresistibly fun performances.

9. Zeds Dead, Boogie T & Barclay Crenshaw: Mainstays such as Zeds Dead, Boogie T, and Barclay Crenshaw (alias of Claude VonStroke/founder of Dirtybird) will ensure a mix of vibrant bass and cutting-edge sounds, promising an unforgettable auditory experience.

In addition to the stellar musical lineup, Texas Eclipse 2024 will offer a range of interactive experiences designed to engage attendees in the realms of creative expression, consciousness exploration, and cosmic curiosity. Stay tuned for more details as we countdown to this monumental convergence of music, art, and technology in central Texas. Get ready to embark on a cosmic journey like no other!

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