Innellea collaborates with Juan Hansen for ‘Burning Out’: Listen 

A new Melodic House release just dropped: Innellea collaborates with Juan Hansen for “Burning Out”

Innellea collaborates with Juan Hansen on a really uplifting Melodic House song with guitar riffs, “Burning Out”. The song was released on 10 November 2023 on Distorted Youth.

Michael Miethig, better known as Innellea, originating from Munich, Germany has worked hard over the years to become a prominent figure in the electronic music scene. He has done no differently in recent periods and has had a pretty strong season in recent months. Examples of this hard work include “Silence” with Maurice Kaar on vocals, or the massive remix he did earlier this summer for Armin van Buuren and Sharon Den Adel’s “In And Out Of Love” in the melodic house/techno framework. Now, however, the German producer has added to this body of work with his latest composition, “Burning Out”, a collaboration with Juan Hansen. Juan Hansen is a Buenos Aires-based producer and composer, and his work is largely defined by the live performances he makes within Ableton Live. Juan’s soundscape is made unique by the combination of guitars, synthesizers, and uplifting vocals.

“Burning Out” was released on 10 November as part of the Distorted Youth project (which now appears to be a label in construction), which was the former name of Innellea’s 2022 tour, and is an EP on the Tale of Us duo’s Afterlife label. The whole track’s vibe takes action on how Hansen contributes a melody infused with the soulful resonance of Spanish guitars, creating a truly acoustic ambiance. This is also the reason for the Buenos Aires singer’s vocals, which give the listener a heartfelt feeling during the well-written lyrics. The main melodic build-up and drop was felt to be Innellea, giving a really strong festival feel to the basis of the song, which is sure to blow up dance floors in beautiful places all over the world. The song will be part of Innellea’s inaugural album, “The Belonging”, scheduled for release in February. The album will showcase collaborations with artists such as Monolink, Flowdan, CamelPhat, and others.

In conclusion, Innellea is coming up with a very interesting album for their fans in the near future. Little by little, it is building up, getting better and better, and nothing proves this more than the countless collaborations it is involved in. One of the reasons for this is their joint release with Juan Hansen, “Burning Out.”

Image Credit: INNELLEA / Provided by The Echo Agency

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