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'Five Phases' is the new extended-set live tour concept of INNELLEA and also the name of his upcoming five-track EP. Since his inception, the melodic prodigy INNELLEA has been turning heads. Beyond his originality and his talent, his live performances set him apart from the other players, leaving him in a league of his own. In 2022, the German producer toured the world with

German prodigy Innellea makes a majestic return to the acclaimed Italian label with an incredible four-part EP. 'Distorted Youth' is a utopian sonic journey into the realm of melodic techno and is out now via Afterlife. But Distorted Youth is much more than a glorious EP, it is an innovative audiovisual concept that includes not only the four tracks but

Monolink and Innellea have been on a roll this year and now they combine forces in an incredible exclusive life performance to accompany the release of Monolink's 'Under Dark' rework by Innellea. The stunning remix is out now, via Embassy One. The multi-faceted, multi-instrumentalist Monolink has been permanently in the headlines, especially since the announcement of his sophomore album 'Under Darkening