Home Uncategorized MGMT announces upcoming album, ‘Loss Of Life’ to be released on February 2024
MGMT announces upcoming album, ‘Loss Of Life’ to be released on February 2024
MGMT Press by Jonah Freeman
Image Credit: MGMT by Jonah Freeman

MGMT announces upcoming album, ‘Loss Of Life’ to be released on February 2024

Home Uncategorized MGMT announces upcoming album, ‘Loss Of Life’ to be released on February 2024

Today, MGMT excitedly announced their highly anticipated fifth studio album, Loss Of Life.” Following their 2018 release, “Little Dark Age,” the dynamic duo of Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser collaborated with producer Patrick Wimberly (known for his work with Beyoncé and Lil Yachty) and long-term collaborator Dave Fridmann (renowned for his work with The Flaming Lips and Spoon) to craft the 10-track masterpiece.

Notably, “Dancing in Babylon” features a special guest appearance by Christine and the Queens, marking the first-ever feature on an MGMT album. The song also benefits from additional production by Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never), Brian Burton (Danger Mouse), and James Richardson. Miles A. Robinson serves as the associate producer and engineer for this captivating album.

“Loss Of Life” is scheduled to drop on February 23, 2023, via Mom + Pop Music, marking the band’s new label home after a long association with Columbia Records. Accompanying this announcement is the release of the album’s first single, “Mother Nature,” a guitar-and-synth-powered track that takes listeners on a musical journey from a wistful, strummed beginning to a powerful and anthemic crescendo. MGMT describes the song as embodying their classic mythological narrative of one hero convincing another to embark on a ‘must’ journey, with a touch of Oasis in the mix.

The band shared insights into the new album in a Rolling Stone interview, providing fans with a glimpse of what to expect.

The enchanting animated video for “Mother Nature” was directed by their longtime collaborator, Jordan Fish, who has been working with the group since their breakthrough with “Oracular Spectacular.” In the video, two animal friends named Dog and Turtle team up to take down an evil pet collector, delivering a heartwarming message about family, friendship, and the animal kingdom. The themes explored in “Loss Of Life” will be further delved into in upcoming videos created by a diverse group of writers, producers, and directors.

In their own words, MGMT expressed their pride in the album and its relatively painless creative process following a long gestation period. They are thrilled to share this musical creation with their audience and with Mom + Pop. As they humorously put it, the album contains about “20% adult contemporary,” and they insist there’s no more to be found!

Renowned writer, director, and The Best Show co-host, Tom Scharpling, enthused about “Loss Of Life,” labeling MGMT as five-for-five, a remarkable achievement that deserves recognition in any musical Hall of Fame. He praised the album for its undeniable warmth, comfortable confidence, epic tracks, intimate portraits, and its ability to expand the boundaries of MGMT’s oeuvre while retaining its signature magic. Pre-order ‘Loss Of Life’ here.

Loss Of Life tracklisting:

1. Loss Of Life (part 2)
2. Mother Nature
3. Dancing In Babylon (featuring Christine and the Queens)
4. People In The Streets
5. Bubblegum Dog
6. Nothing To Declare
7. Nothing Changes
8. Phradie’s Song
9. I Wish I Was Joking
10. Loss Of Life

Image Credit: MGMT by Jonah Freeman


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