Home Uncategorized Israeli electronic music community unites to #BringThemBack
Israeli electronic music community unites to #BringThemBack
Supernova Festival
Image credit: Ido Derby

Israeli electronic music community unites to #BringThemBack

Home Uncategorized Israeli electronic music community unites to #BringThemBack

Several Israeli music producers have contributed to a compilation of 50 original tracks dedicated to the Supernova Festival survivors.

The dance music community has always been very united because what unites it are extremely strong ideals. Love, peace, respect, equality… The dance music community and the dancefloor itself are a safe place where all music lovers can be themselves without fear, without judgement and in safety. That’s how it used to be. Race, creed, gender – none of these disturbed the harmony that was lived on the dancefloor. If you look at the origins of the scene historically, safety, peace and love were at the genesis of the dance music community. But recently, all this was called into question with the horrific and barbaric events of 7 October, when more than 3,500 attendees were attacked during the Supernova International Music Festival.

Over the years, Israel has become the epicentre of psytrance. Israeli artists such as Astral Projection, Axtrix and Infected Mushroom have pushed the genre in the country and made Israel a favourite destination for international artists. The tribe of Nova is the Supernova International Music Festival community, born out of a strong bond between promoters and industry professionals who brought their edition of the mythical Brazilian festival Universo Paralelo to Israel. This psytrance festival translates as a parallel universe, a world apart to enjoy the best psytrance.

This year, coinciding with two Jewish holidays – the final day of Sukkot (October 6) and Simchat Torah (October 7) – more than 3,500 people made their way to Israel’s western Negev desert near Kibbutz Re’im without knowing they were about to experience an attack. In order to secure funds to help support the safe return and rehabilitation of survivors of this event and to bring the kidnapped back, the Israeli electronic music community joined forces in cooperation with the Tel Aviv Foundation. Convinced of the power of music, Israeli producers from the trance, techno, and EDM scenes, including Red Axes, Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Vini Vici, Kino Todo, Magit Cacoon, and more, have contributed over 50 original tracks for the #BringThemBack compilation. The album is now available on Bandcamp for anyone who can help. All proceeds from the #BringThemBack compilation will be donated to the official representatives of the families of the hostages and survivors. You can find all the information about this project here. The Tribe of Nova won’t let the music go silent, as they say in the press release:

“We understand that, of course, our role as a tribe and as a community has intensified x1000, but the essence and reason for our existence have not changed that much. We will continue to dance, to consecrate music, to spread light and love, to embody the pure light in the midst of all the darkness, and to march proudly and determinedly and with total dedication towards justice. We continue to work non-stop so that the good will always prevail and the light will always win. So it was, and so it will be forever.”

You can find out more about how to help here.


#Bringthemback Full Compilation Tracklist (A-Z By Artist):

Abrão – Tears

Ace Ventura & LOUD – Our Moment (Samra Mix) [Special Edit]

Adam Ten – Cold Summer

Adi Anak Shabat – Inner Rhythm

ֿAfterU & Ilan Oz – Clap Your Hands Instrumental

Amigdala – New Moon

Anghel & Prayon – If You Believe

Anorre & Joezi – Colosseum (Extended Mix) Artemis – Alchemy

Asher Swissa – Closer Enemy

Astral Projection – People Can Fly

Astrix – Shamanic Tales

Astorgano – Go Back Up There

BLiSS – We Are Warriors (Bring Them Back Mix)

Brizman – Lilly’s Song

Captain Hook – Space Tube 25 (Vinyl Version)

Chaim & Jenia Tarsol Feat Ilan Oz – Kiss My Baby Good Morning

Chicola – Supernova

Chuka – Horizon

Clüb De Combat – DC10

Dekel & Shtuby – Weekend

E’sh – Karakol

Eitan Reiter – Ups & Down (Glitch Edit 2023)

Eli Nissan & Jos & Eli – No Education

Ella Gotman – Sunrise Over Dead Sea

Freedom Fighters & Ryanosaurus – Dawn Til Dusk

Gorovich – Vortex Acid Mix [#BringThemBackHome]

Guy J – 2092

Hard to Tell – October 7

Ido Morali & Yotam Russo – Flight Channel

Infected Mushroom – I Wish (Aura Vortex Remix)

John Biryon – Taamin

Kadosh & Sean Doron – Three Chord Song

Kapitan – Our Fight

Khen & Guy Mantzur – “Children With No Name Feat. Kama Kamila (October 7th Edit)”

Knesiyat Hasechel – Kana Wachda (Gula K Remix)

LC – Nevermind (Mita Gami Edit)

Lonya – DeHigh (October 2023 Rework)

Magit Cacoon – Adoration (Original Mix)

MELODIC & No Resolt – Panic Boy

Millero & Alt Control – Daily Routine

Moscoman & Maccabi – Netiv Haasara

Ms. Elin Liso – The Old Clown

Niv Yefet – Celebrate Piece

NOYA – Coming Back

OFORIA – Swivel

OI & Reuveni – NOVA

Omri Smadar – Bring Them Home

OMRI. Feat Ameet Kanon – Destination Addiction

Oska & Dor – The Healing

Out of Orbit & Shpongle – No Disco (BTB Edit)

Perfect Stranger – Manifestation

PRZ – Identify

Rafael – Mundo

Red Axes – Extreme

Rising Dust & Oxiv – Existence

Roni Amitai – Can’t Break

Roy Avital, Totemo & Kino Todo – All Along (Kino Todo Remix)

Roy Rosenfeld – Melancholy My Love

Rudy – Pudra

SANDMAN – 123 Kontakt

Saraga – In Da Mix

Sasi – Angels

Skizologic & Libra – Message From The Deep

Stereo Underground – Sticks & Stones

Tal Fussman – Community

Tiny Fingerz & Daniella Turgman – Bones

Uriah Klapter, Rina & Abrão – Combate Debate

Vibe Tribe – Memories (ATARA Remix)

Vini Vici – The Tribe (Live Mix)

Yamagucci – The Point of Being

Yaron Amor – The Pain Body

Yotam Avni – Track from Shelter



Image credit: Ido Derby

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