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The Chainsmokers and Powfu deliver ‘fault in the stars’: Listen

Having just released their fourth album, So Far So Good in early 2022, The Chainsmokers appear energized and excited as they continue to deliver singles throughout the new year. Following up on their lo-fi experiment where they reimagined their most recent album, the duo have now joined forces with Powfu for another stripped-down anthem.

Having previously explored lo-fi vibes with their rework of So Far So Good (lofi remixes), it appears that The Chainsmokers have found new inspiration and motivation in the months since, delivering a variety of singles that diverge from the tried and true formula for which the group has been known. Coming on the heels of their recent single, Think Of Us with GRACEY, completing their Summertime Friends collection, they switch lanes again with help from the incredible Canadian songwriter, Powfu. Opening with a mellow synth lead, mechanically oscillating through arpeggios, Powfu’s voice quickly joins in the production, providing an emotionally tinged, and powerful delivery that perfectly matches the subdued mood of the music.

By the time the pre-chorus hits and the sped-up melody delivers the lines:

“Don’t double jump, your lips taste like bubble-gum
In a new world, new renaissance
When birds chirp, I’ll tell ’em off for you
Caught lightning in a bottle, you’re making me proud
But I’ll keep it down”

it is nearly impossible to not be lost in the melody and rhythms of the delivery. The imagery comes together with the chorus refrain of, “find the fault in the stars, but there’s none where we are,” a simple yet powerful summary of the moments that make being with someone special mean so much. While this may be a departure from the more driving productions for which The Chainsmokers are known, the lyrics and vocal delivery, on top of the subtle instrumentations reveal a growth and maturity that harken back to the group’s early work while continuing to push forward in their incredible career.

Image Credit: Miller Mobley / Provided by Vanessa Menkes Communications

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