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Tycho embarks on a fresh journey with ‘Small Sanctuary’: Listen
Image Credit: Scott Hansen /

Tycho embarks on a fresh journey with ‘Small Sanctuary’: Listen

Home Uncategorized Tycho embarks on a fresh journey with ‘Small Sanctuary’: Listen

Electronic artist Tycho, a two-time GRAMMY® Award nominee, ushers in a new era with the unveiling of his deeply personal track, “Small Sanctuary.” The single is now available through Ninja Tune/Mom + Pop Music, and an official visualizer made its debut on YouTube today.

Small Sanctuary” had its first public performance at this year’s Burning Man during Scott Hansen‘s customary sunrise set. In this release, Hansen takes full creative control, handling composition, production, performance, and even crafting the original artwork. Collaborating once more with Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor, who mixed the track and contributed to additional production, Tycho continues to nurture their creative partnership, which commenced with the recent release of “Time To Run,” also available through Ninja Tune/Mom + Pop Music.

Scott Hansen shares his inspiration behind “Small Sanctuary,” stating, “Innocent and unburdened by the trappings of modern life, children are a pure expression of the human condition. To watch them grow and learn is to witness a sanctuary for the human spirit. I wrote this song for my daughter, who brings me limitless joy and inspiration. The artwork represents the menagerie of experiences and ideas that form our selfhood. From early life to adulthood, we collect these things in our memory, and they come to define us.”

As previously mentioned, “Small Sanctuary” is the latest addition to Tycho’s repertoire following the summer release of the groovy “Time To Run.” The music video for “Time To Run” tells a narrative, capturing Hansen‘s experiences with the meditative power of music during cross-country running. The video is directed by Patrick Elmore and is available for streaming on YouTube. The track, featuring vibrant synth melodies, a distinctive guitar motif by longtime Tycho guitarist Zac Brown, and lively beats, marks Tycho’s return to his signature instrumental style after a series of vocal experiments, including his GRAMMY® Award-nominated sixth album, “WEATHER,” released in 2019.

Listen to Tycho’s latest release below:



Image Credit: Scott Hansen / Provided by Big Big Hassle Media


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