Home Music Mat Zo unleashes new single ‘Subsurface’ via Anjunabeats: Listen
Mat Zo unleashes new single ‘Subsurface’ via Anjunabeats: Listen
Mat Zo at Anjunabeach 2018
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Mat Zo unleashes new single ‘Subsurface’ via Anjunabeats: Listen

Home Music Mat Zo unleashes new single ‘Subsurface’ via Anjunabeats: Listen

Mat Zo has built up his legacy and fanbase thanks to his unique and captivating productions and releases. Now he returns with his latest track, the highly requested ID from recent sets this year, Subsurface.

For Mat Zo, no style or sound is out of bounds as he continues to unleash intriguing musical productions into the world with support from his preferred label, Anjunabeats. Following a look back at his iconic album, Damage Control, the British producer is continuing to look forward and forge new musical pathways to add to his impressive resume. The seven-plus minute track arrives with just a few weeks left in 2023, and will certainly build anticipation for more to come in the new year.

Having been a staple of his live sets throughout the second half of 2023, Subsurface has become one of the most requested IDs from his fans around the globe. Ebbing and flowing throughout, the track is driving yet melodic, taking listeners on a musical journey that never disappoints. Opening up with a distorted, pulsing lead, Mat Zo slowly builds the track up, subtly adding more elements every few measures. Whether it be the female vocal sample echoing throughout or the hypnotic percussion, the track invites listeners in, leaving them curious but always wanting more

It’s at the two-minute mark that Mat Zo truly unleashes the rising power of the single, and Subsurface comes to life. From here, he continues to take listeners on a journey, introducing elements seemingly at random, yet perfectly placed to build upon the music. It is truly a single that stands on its own within the electronic music landscape, but that is the joy and beauty of Mat Zo. Check out Subsurface below, out now!

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