Home Music Justice release incredible fourth album, ‘Hyperdrama’: Listen
Justice release incredible fourth album, ‘Hyperdrama’: Listen
Justice Coachella
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Justice release incredible fourth album, ‘Hyperdrama’: Listen

Home Music Justice release incredible fourth album, ‘Hyperdrama’: Listen

French producers Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, better known as Justice, have delivered their fourth full-length album, Hyperdrama. Following the 8 year wait since their previous release, the duo has crafted a work that stands up amongst their storied back catalog.

While Justice began talks of releasing their next album in the middle of 2023, they didn’t share any new music or information until the start of the new year. With the duo scheduled to return to the California desert for the 2024 Coachella Festival, they officially began their album rollout at the end of January. Alongside the reveal of the beautiful artwork for Hyperdrama, the group announced that the album would be released on April 26th and they delivered two singles initially to get fans properly hyped. When choosing to initially share the singles Generator and the Tame Impala collaboration, One Night/All Night, Justice looked to showcase the duality of their sound and style. For many fans, the former leaned more into the heart-pounding productions of their debut album, Justice, as the leader showcased more melodic and vocal-driven pop elements.

Fans of the group know that neither style can fully define their work and the 13 tracks on Hyperdrama run the gamut for style and production elements. Having endured eight years since their previous album Woman was released, Augé and de Rosnay had ample time to explore these tracks in the studio and create a collection that is worthy of their past works. From the opening layer of synths on Neverender, this feels like an album full of emotion and weight, while never taking itself too seriously that it stops the party. The lushness of the opener gives way to Generator and Afterimage, two tracks to display the grittier, dance hall aspects of Justice’s music.

As the listeners get deeper into the album, this ebb and flow of energy continues but never hits any extremes that feel out of place for the group. Evidenced by their incredible performance at Coachella earlier this month, Justice is in full control of their sound and style and Hyperdrama is another classic release in their incredible discography.

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