Home Music Peggy Gou announces her debut Album ‘I Hear You’
Peggy Gou announces her debut Album ‘I Hear You’
Peggy Gou
Image Credit: Hong Jang Hyun

Peggy Gou announces her debut Album ‘I Hear You’

Home Music Peggy Gou announces her debut Album ‘I Hear You’

Peggy Gou has shared news of her debut album I Hear You, marking a delightful moment in her musical journey.

Renowned Korean-born artist, producer, and DJ, Peggy Gou, has announced the release of her debut album titled I Hear You. The album, which is set to be shared on June 7 via XL Recordings, is a testament to the power of listening, to ourselves and to each other.

The album features hit singles such as ‘(It Goes Like) Nanana’ and the Lenny Kravitz collaboration ‘I Believe In Love Again’. Gou describes I Hear You as more than just her debut album. It embodies countless hours of dedication in her journey to create something timeless.

To celebrate the album announcement, Gou has dropped an anthemic new single called ‘1+1=11’. Centered around the theme of togetherness, the song is a perfect fit for the dance floors. Alongside the song, the first-ever music video from Olafur Eliasson, an acclaimed Icelandic-Danish artist, and Gou’s longtime friend, makes its debut

Eliasson, who also stars in the video, describes dance as transformative. It bends and reshapes our relationship with time and space. He shares that when he first met Peggy, they were having lunch, talking about their shared interests in psychosonics, rhythm, and movement. To show her the moves he was talking about, he stood up in the restaurant to dance. He was thrilled that she later asked him to dance on video for one of her upcoming releases and to develop the visual language for it.

By bringing together dance – embodied exploration of space – with colorful shadows, lights, and mirrors, Eliasson was able to bring some of the key interests that have long shaped his art into an entirely new context. Working together has been rewarding and a lot of fun.

The visual accompaniment was premiered in Berlin recently at a party hosted by Gou, which featured a personally-curated DJ line-up including Spray, fka.m4a, and Matrefakt.

Gou’s debut album I Hear You is a culmination of her career to date and is eagerly awaited by fans worldwide. The album is available for pre-order.

The tracklist for the album I Hear You is as follows:

  1. Your Art
  2. Back To One
  3. I Believe In Love Again (with Lenny Kravitz)
  4. All That (feat. Villano Antillano)
  5. (It Goes Like) Nanana
  6. Lobster Telephone
  7. Seoulsi Peggygou (서울시페기구)
  8. I Go
  9. Purple Horizon
  10. 1+1=11

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