Leaving us all in awe once again, Sharl has just unveiled her latest release, 'Outside' under City Lights album and alongside it a music video that perfectly embodies the thriving local community of talented artists within the Asian community of Melbourne. Fresh off the release of her new album, 'City Lights,' Sharl has just unveiled a feel-good disco pop song in

Taking listeners on a musical journey like no other, Terry Golden has just unveiled a mainstage banger, entitled 'Fading.' Leaving no doubt to the imagination, this highly-energetic production is further amplified through the stunning vocal performance of singer/songwriter Eileen Jaime. Looking to further enhance his presence within the electronic dance industry, Terry Golden has just unveiled a mainstage banger, in the

Blessing us all with the most stunning of audiovisual projects, Ryan Crane has just introduced his latest album and NFT project, in the form of 'Science Fiction Worlds.' The perfect merge of both his creative outlets, this is definitely one piece of art that you don't want to miss out on. Combining music and visual arts in the most eclectic of

Blessing us all with the most captivating of releases, CHPTR. and NOHC have just unveiled their latest collaboration, in the form of 'Electrifying.' "The whole process of building this track was highly inspiring. I think we created a song that gives an electrifying feeling to the listeners," CHPTR. says Teaming up for the most breathtaking of releases, CHPTR. (real name Leonard

Enticing audiences in the most scintillating of fashions, KDH has just unveiled a future house banger, in the form of 'Holding On.' Teaming up with fellow Korean artist jeonghyeon on this certified hit, this collaboration is most definitely one for the ages. Looking to leave his own distinct mark within the electronic dance industry, KDH has just blessed fans alike with

Ahead of the release of the upcoming LP ‘Cracker Island’ in February, the influential digital band Gorillaz release a brand new track 'Baby Queen'. Gorillaz are one of the most influential bands in modern times, selling an estimated 27 million records worldwide. The English band is at the dawn of a new era with their newest LP 'Cracker Island' being released in February

Pioneering his very own subgenre, Valoramous has teamed up with Rock/Metal guitarist, The Wav A.P.S., for the release of 'Multiply.' "The excitement of creating the new Rave-Rock sub-genre is REAL! We are combining two genres with extremely similar qualities," The Wav A.P.S. says Looking to leave his own distinct mark within the electronic dance music industry, Valoramous has teamed up with

Two fast-rising producers in the electronic scene currently, Kaamin and Parallel Voices have joined forces together to create the powerfully melodic and deeply mesmerising track 'Advent,' out now via Colorize (Enhanced Music). Both masters in their own respective genres, Kaamin and Parallel Voices are two names that the scene will be getting used to hearing around a lot more in the

Blessing us all with the most scintillating of albums', Mausio has just unveiled a body of work like no other, entitled 'unCENSORED.' Consisting of sixteen tracks, the German DJ/producer offers us all a more raw and emotive side of himself through his signature Future Techno sound. Following the exclusive announcement regarding the release of his second studio album back in March,