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Globally recognized as a multi-talented turntablist, record producer, and music executive, A-Trak has been consistently evolving in the music industry since day one. Anyone who has had the pleasure of catching this talented artist in action can attest to his explosive fusion of electro-house and hip-hop-inspired beats and not to mention his insane mixing skills. Founding his record label known as

Tommy Trash is undoubtedly one of the electronic music scene's most prominent names. Since his early beginnings, this Australian icon has continuously risen to the top-tier position he currently resides in. Not only does Tommy Trash deliver his always electrifying performances all around the world, but he has also shown his capabilities of producing high-quality content. The electro house mastermind has released

A-Trak has teamed back up with Tommy Trash for “Lose My Mind”. A track we are all pretty excited about, and seemingly both of their fan base's also, given it has received over 1000 plays an hour since releasing four days ago. Turntable icon A-Trak last paired up with Australian DJ Tommy Trash on their 2013 single “Tuna Melt". A collaboration