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If we had to come up with someone that had the power to leave a whole dance music community speechless, that person would most probably be Joel Zimmerman or as he is better known, deadmau5. The masked artist has never left anyone indifferent whenever he has given his opinion on something or on anyone. His music is the pure reflect

For many years now, the Canadian DJ and producer deadmau5 has been entertaining his fans on his twitch streams, where he films himself in the studio working on new music, listening to demos and talking about all things music related. Though the streams are always memorable, fans who tuned in for the latest one were in for a treat as

Love him or loathe him, Joel Zimmerman is well-known for his colourful opinions across social media. One thing that can never be denied is the supreme production talent of the Mau5trap boss. We Rave You check out our Top 10 deadmau5 tracks of all time: 10) Let Go A brooding, dark production, that contains a typically elongated Mau5 build-up, the grungey drop

Probably deadmau5's most popular single to date alongside "Strobe", "Ghosts N Stuff" was undoubtedly what truly put the Canadian producer on the map. Spine-tingling chords combined with eerily beautiful vocals from Pendulum and Knife Party's very own Rob Swire are what make "Ghosts N Stuff" so undeniably catchy. The iconic single has received a plethora of remixes throughout the years from acts such as

Deadmau5 is prominent across the globe for creating some of electronic music’s biggest game-changing tracks. From his earlier work to his more recent records, the Canadian producer has been able to accumulate tremendous success with his always impressive array of releases. From “Move for Me” to “Strobe” and from “The Veldt” to “Beneath with Me”, there is no denying that deadmau5