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If we had to come up with someone that had the power to leave a whole dance music community speechless, that person would most probably be Joel Zimmerman or as he is better known, deadmau5. The masked artist has never left anyone indifferent whenever he has given his opinion on something or on anyone. His music is the pure reflect of that and he has proven it again with his latest track ‘Fall‘.

A chameleon in the studio, deadmau5 has been the man behind some of the most epic tunes in the history of electronic music with anthems like ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff‘, ‘StrobeandThe Veldt‘. Yet, he hasn’t allowed that the mainstream lights that these sort of tracks brought on him labeled his style. Running away from the melodic progressions, the artist also enjoys working with more techno, less commercial and darker sounds too. After a very busy year putting all his efforts on improving his tour with his unique creation the cube v3, now the mau5trap owner has switched his focus to the music with the releases of ‘SATRN‘, ‘COASTED‘ and his last one ‘Fall‘.

While all of these three tracks present different styles and transmit different feelings, ‘Fall‘ is the antithesis of both ‘SATRN‘ and ‘COASTED‘, as it moves away from the progressive house melodies and chords to showcase a full dark techno side. The structure of the track revolves around a very powerful shaky bass accompanied by continuous hi-hats and shakers, together with a strong tonal kick perfectly side-chained. Other interesting elements like panned uplifters are introduced along the track to give that alarming touch to the song. While ‘SATRN’ and ‘COASTED‘ represent the more classic melodic deadmau5, ‘Fall’ is more proximate to the sound of the artist’s techno alter ego Testpilot.

Listen to ‘Fall‘ in full below:

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