Home Uncategorized Review: Adam Audio T7V Studio Nearfield Monitors
Review: Adam Audio T7V Studio Nearfield Monitors
adam audio t7v review
Image credits: Adam Audio

Review: Adam Audio T7V Studio Nearfield Monitors

Home Uncategorized Review: Adam Audio T7V Studio Nearfield Monitors

ADAM Audio is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to studio monitors. Their vast catalog of products is segregated among different series, each with its own characteristic sonic differences. Their latest series of monitors “The T series” aim to provide the signature ADAM audio sound at a much more affordable price bracket than the A & S series. The T series includes 4 products T5V, T7V, T8V & the T10S with the numbers indicating the subwoofer size. We recently got hands-on with the T7V near field studio monitors. Here’s our in-depth review of the monitors.

Built & Package Contents

The T7V boasts a very sleek and elegant look unlike what you would witness from other monitors in this price range. The front panel contains a 1.9” AMT tweeter(AMT moves air laterally in a perpendicular direction. An AMT tweeter can reproduce sound down to 650 Hz and is particularly well-suited for high frequencies) with a 7″ woofer. The sonic quality is the top priority when it comes to ADAM Audio monitors and they have done everything to ensure that sound quality is not compromised at any end. There are no visible screws except for the rear panel ensuring that there is no scope of potential disturbance to the sound field around the Tweeter area. The case housing is made from 15mm thick MDF externally coated in black plastic foil. Coming to the rear panel you’ll find XLR & RCA inputs. Along with it, there is an input selector switch and a knob to set the sensitivity. There are two switches marked LF & HF, each with a neutral position and ±2 dB settings. The filters activated with these switches are shelving filters. The package also contains power cables for each monitor. The overall design and build quality are pretty solid.


Front View: 

front view
image credits: Adam Audio


Rear View: 

back view
image credits: adam audio



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Features & Quality

The T7V pretty much ticks all checkboxes regarding physical appearance and accessories. Now, we critically analyze the sound performance of these studio monitors.

Starting with one of the most important characteristics: The frequency response. T7V boasts an overall frequency response from 45 Hz to 23.2 kHZ.


image credits: Adam Audio


The figure shows a smooth curve between 45 Hz & 23.2 kHZ with an amplitude tolerance of ±2.25 dB. Considering the other alternatives in the market for this price the T7V does provide respectable values when it comes to frequency response.


image credits: Adam Audio

The next thing we would be looking at is the phase response. The curve is somewhat too steep and the relatively high frequency measured for the change in phase indicates a slight driver misalignment. The official datasheet states that the crossover is a low
2.6 kHz.



  • Frequency: 45hz—23,2kHz(−6db)
  • Amplitude range: 4,5dB(100hz—10khz)
  • Horizontal spread coverage angle: 106degr.(–6db Iso 1khz–10khz)
  • Horizontal standard deviation:11degr.(–6db Iso 1khz–10khz)
  • Vertical spread coverage angle:86degr.(–6db Iso 1khz–10khz)
  • Vertical standard deviation:34degr.(–6db Iso 1khz–10khz)
  • Max. usable volume: 103db(3% ThD 100hz–10khz)
  • Bass response: 99.6db(10% ThD 50–100hz)
  • Dimensions: 210x347x293mm(b×h×D)
  • Weight:7.1kg



Adam Audio T7V is available at EUR 400 per pair (end price). 


As mentioned earlier, Adam Audio T7V Nearfield studio monitors pretty much ticks all checkboxes when it comes to the built and physical appearance. Regarding sonics, T7V provides a neutral picture and manages to reproduce the individual elements with superb precision and high resolution. It also does pretty well when the volume is cranked to higher numbers. Considering all the factors that come into play, the T7V is a fantastic option in this price range that provides an unpretentious near-field response. 

Image Credits: Adam Audio

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